Busy has become the prevailing buzzword of the information age. When you ask someone in a professional capacity how they’re doing, it’s highly likely that their response will revolve around being ‘busy.’ With jam-packed schedules becoming the norm, professionals eagerly seek tools that streamline processes and reclaim precious hours, or even minutes, from their workday. Professionals are in search of tools that streamline processes and reclaim precious time. Enter Wamly—a remarkable video interview software designed to swiftly evaluate candidates, freeing up valuable time for recruiters and HR executives to focus on top-tier talent. Here are 4 reasons why your company needs video interview software.

4 Reasons Why Your Company Needs Video Interview Software

1. Time is money – why video interview software lets you save both

One of the greatest advantages of using Wamly’s video interview software is the significant return on investment it provides. By leveraging this software, your company can streamline the entire interviewing process, resulting in cost savings. Traditional in-person interviews often require extensive coordination, including scheduling, travel arrangements, and dedicated meeting spaces.

With Wamly, interviews are conducted remotely and recorded, allowing them to be played back at a convenient time for all parties involved. This flexibility means that interviews can be conducted during downtime, such as when commuting or outside of regular work hours. By eliminating the need for extensive scheduling and logistical arrangements, Wamly enables your company to save valuable time and resources, ultimately resulting in cost savings.

Moreover, Wamly’s convenience extends beyond just the interviewees. The software allows the entire hiring process to be more efficient and adaptable to the availability of recruiters and HR executives. They can easily review recorded interviews at their convenience, without the need for everyone to be present in the same physical location at the same time. This not only saves time but also reduces the need for coordination and potential conflicts in scheduling.

By enabling interviews to fit seamlessly into everyone’s individual schedules, Wamly empowers all parties involved to conduct the hiring process more efficiently and effectively. The convenience and flexibility offered by Wamly’s video interview software ultimately enhance the overall productivity and satisfaction of the hiring team while achieving substantial cost savings for the company.

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2. Attract top talent

Attracting and securing the top talent has become a strategic priority for organisations. With the advent of digital technology, geographic barriers to employment have been dismantled, enabling the brightest and most skilled individuals to seek opportunities in organisations that align with their professional and personal aspirations. By utilising video interview software like Wamly, your company not only demonstrates its commitment to staying at the forefront of digital trends but also gains a competitive edge in attracting and selecting the best candidates.

Video interview software allows your company to stand out from the recruitment clutter by offering a modern and efficient approach to the hiring process. It signals to potential candidates that your organisation values innovation and embraces technology, making it an appealing prospect for top-tier talent. By leveraging video interviews, you can expand your talent pool beyond local boundaries, attracting candidates from different regions or even countries.

This broader reach enables your company to tap into a diverse range of skills, perspectives, and experiences, fostering a more inclusive and dynamic workforce. By using video interview software, your company can enhance its employer brand and reputation as a forward-thinking organisation that embraces digital transformation, ultimately attracting the best talent and securing better matches for long-term success.

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3. When the niche is necessary

In certain cases, job requirements go beyond the general skill set and call for specialists with niche skills. When hiring for these positions, the interviewing process can become particularly challenging, as there may be a high volume of applicants hoping to secure a job they are not truly qualified for. This is where video interview software proves invaluable. It enables you to efficiently navigate through the clutter and identify the candidates with the necessary expertise by incorporating focused technical questions into the pre-screening process.

With video interview software, you can design specific technical questions that only a qualified specialist would be able to answer accurately. By including these questions in the initial screening phase, you can effectively filter out candidates who lack the required proficiency or experience. This targeted approach saves significant time and effort for both recruiters and candidates, as it allows you to fast-track the most suitable applicants through the interview process.

By eliminating unqualified candidates early on, video interview software ensures that your company invests its time and resources in assessing and engaging with individuals who have the specialised skills and knowledge necessary to excel in the role. Ultimately, this leads to a more streamlined and effective hiring process, increasing the likelihood of finding the ideal candidate with the niche expertise required for the job.

4. It’s the way of the future

If there is one positive COVID-19 gave us, it’s that it forced even the most reluctant into using video and other technology in their daily rhythms and interactions. With lockdowns and social distancing measures in place, businesses had to quickly adapt and find alternative ways to maintain communication and carry out essential operations. Video platforms emerged as a robust tool for organisations, enabling them to keep lines of communication open and continue business operations remotely. This sudden reliance on video technology has also shed light on the effectiveness and convenience of video interview software.

Even prior to the pandemic, forward-thinking companies recognised the benefits of using video interview software as a modern approach to candidate vetting. By replacing traditional resumes with video interviews, these companies were able to gain deeper insights into candidates’ communication skills, professionalism, and cultural fit. The pandemic simply reinforced the value of this approach and highlighted the efficiency and convenience it brings to the hiring process.

As the world moves towards a post-pandemic era, it is expected that hiring managers will continue to increase their utilisation of video interview software. The benefits, such as time and cost savings, improved candidate evaluation, and the ability to conduct interviews remotely, make it a valuable tool that aligns with the evolving needs and preferences of hiring managers in the future.

Considering these 4 reasons why your company needs video interview software, book a demo of Wamly today. Experience firsthand how this innovative solution can revolutionise your hiring process, saving time and resources while enabling you to attract and secure the best talent.

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