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Our Story 1

Where it all began

As an industrial psychologist and talent expert, Francois de Wet worked with many high profile corporates and CEO’s. Over the years he noticed that they all had one thing in common: They were highly frustrated with the recruitment process.

This realisation planted a seed for Francois and in 2018 he decided to start a side hustle, tending to this problem.

When entrepreneur and Shark Tank SA investor Marnus Broodryk tried out Fran’s video interview software in his own accounting firm and experienced the time saving benefits, he saw the potential to help thousands of companies around the world to experience the same ROI in their businesses.

Marnus joined Francois on the Wamly journey in 2020, challenging the very foundations of how the world has always done recruitment and utilising the latest technology to help the world hire better people faster.

The Wamly Journey

Founded by Francois de Wet as a side hustle.
Marnus Broodryk joined the team in June. Working MVP launched in August 2020.

Sold to:

  • Momentum – who rolled a demo out to almost all divisions.
  • DigiCall – who rolled it out to international offices and sister company, Sigma.
  • CLS (recruitment firm) – who make money off Wamly, and their customers loved it.

This proved our MVP successful and a complete redevelopment was done with AWS at the core.
New app finalised and launched at the end of January 2021.

  • 20 additional SA corporates signed enterprise deals and rolled out Wamly.
  • Had over 100 demos and achieved 2021 MMR target early.
And we grew...

  • Wamly added more features based on client feedback.
  • Wamly added over 200 happy clients to the already impressive portfolio of users
  • Wamly employed 10 additional team members
  • Hit our 2022 MMR target with 2 months to spare
  • Wamly reached 23 countries
  • Wamly launched its Podcast
  • Francois de Wet took over as CEO
With over 10 000 demos, we haven’t encountered any clients who didn’t sign up with Wamly (and, rather with a competitor) due to missing features.

Not bad for 2 years...
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Meet our #WamlyFamly

We are helping the world hire better people faster with our future-focused solution-driven technology.

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Francois de Wet

Chief Executive Officer

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Farren Maré

Chief Operating Officer

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Bianca Botha

Strategic Account Manager

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Johann Hough

Product Owner

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Rosetta Macuacua

Head of Support

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Stewart Hislop

Trusted Solutions Advisor

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Teboho Mabuza

Support Consultant

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Thabang Rabapane

Technical Team Leader

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William Rabopape

Back-end Engineer

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Khomotso Masondo

Back-end Engineer

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Francois Coertzer

Trusted Solutions Advisor

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Phillip Khunwana

Test Automation Engineer