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Inbound agents are the first point of contact for customers reaching out for assistance. They handle incoming calls, provide information, resolve issues, and ensure customer satisfaction. Their role is crucial in maintaining the company’s reputation and customer loyalty.

First Loss Notification (FNOL) agents specialize in the initial reporting phase of insurance claims. They gather critical information from claimants during their first call post-incident, offering empathy and guidance. Working in shifts, they ensure availability around the clock to assist clients promptly and efficiently.

Case Managers take charge of individual customer cases from initiation to resolution. They coordinate all aspects, including documentation, follow-ups, and communication across departments. Their goal is to manage each case efficiently, ensuring customer satisfaction and timely resolution of issues.

Outbound agents proactively reach out to customers for follow-ups, feedback, and to offer additional services or support. Their role involves building and maintaining customer relationships, enhancing customer experience, and identifying opportunities for service improvement or sales.

Direct Sales Consultants drive revenue by selling products or services directly to customers via outbound calls. They use persuasive communication skills to explain benefits, handle objections, and close sales. Their success is measured by their ability to meet or exceed sales targets.

Retentions Consultants play a key role in retaining customers considering cancellation or service termination. They engage with customers to understand their concerns, offer solutions or incentives, and ultimately persuade them to remain with the company, thus reducing churn and maintaining customer base.


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You have a video interview where you'll answer questions on camera, alone, without anyone watching live. It's best to do this soon to help get the job you want. You'll get all the details you need about how to do the interview through a WhatsApp message. To begin your interview, click the link in your confirmation email or choose "start my interview" in the WhatsApp message. If you have any problems or need help, we're here to assist you from 9 AM to 5 PM.
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After completing your video interview, it will be reviewed by some of the leading call centre companies in South Africa. If a company is interested in hiring you, they will contact you directly. It's important to note that these companies are continuously hiring, so if you're not selected in this round, your interview will remain on file, offering you a good chance of being considered in future hiring rounds without the need for a new video interview.

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