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Can you make a technical hire through one-way video interviews?

By 30 May 2022Recruitment2 min read
One-way video interviews
  • Around the world, companies have started making use of one-way video interview software to save time during their hiring process.
  • It is, however, being asked if technical hires such as developers and accountants can be made through one-way video interview software.
  • Companies can ask the same technical questions to candidates as they would’ve during a normal interview, and can also ask candidates to complete skills tests.

Companies around the world have started to make use of one-way video interview software to cut down their hiring process from 3 months to just two weeks.

But, with the growth of one-way interviews such as Wamly, questions are being asked about whether it can be used to make technical hires such as developers and accountants.

During a typical one-way interview, a candidate receives a link to complete an interview in a limited timeframe. Once the candidate completed the interview, the company will be alerted and will be able to rate it in their own time.

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One-way interviews have been found to save companies as much as 80% of the time they would’ve spent on a typical hire. Companies are also able to review as many as 30 one-way video interviews in one hour.

Because one-way interview software works on the same as a typical interview, with a candidate being asked questions, the same technical questions can be asked to a candidate.

Additionally, as is custom during a typical interview, companies can also require candidates to complete technical tests or skills tests alongside a one-way interview to see whether they are ideal for the role.

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Wamly also allows companies complete control of the questions they would like to ask, and therefore a highly technical question can be asked and allows the candidate to respond in a set amount of time.

At accounting firm The Beancounter, for example, they use Wamly to ask potential candidates a difficult tax question, and if the candidate cannot answer it, they know they won’t make the hire.

Other companies use one-way interview software to ask candidates scenario questions where they have to analyse a business problem and provide solutions.

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