In September 2022, a mid-sized coffee shop in the Johannesburg region joined the Wamly Famly. The company is dedicated to finding top-quality candidates to fill various positions across multiple branches around South Africa. They started using Wamlys one-way video interview software and it completely changed their recruitment process.

The Challenge

However, the company encountered obstacles in their hiring process as they relied on candidates to physically drop off their resumes at various branches. This approach prolonged the recruitment process, leading to delays in time-to-hire. As a result, the company was eager to adopt digital technologies to streamline its recruitment process and reduce the time to fill these vacancies.

By digitising a portion of their recruitment process the company aimed to overcome its screening challenges while saving time and money. They hoped to attract a wider pool of candidates while also improving the overall candidate experience. This is why they turned to Wamly.

The Solution

In September 2022, this company embraced Wamly’s one-way video interview software as part of its recruitment process. Inspired to optimise the process further, the HR team had the brilliant idea of using QR codes to directly connect candidates to Wamly’s software. They shared these QR codes with their internal referral network, and the outcome was phenomenal – a total of 403 videos were received in just three weeks!

Thanks to the QR codes, this company witnessed an impressive spike in the number of applicants for the role. Furthermore, by integrating Wamly into their recruitment process, this company was able to drastically improve the efficiency of candidate screening, leading to a remarkable experience for both the company and the applicants.

Wamly's One-Way Video Interview Software helps ​​National Coffee Franchise Achieve a 526% ROI 1

The Outcome with Wamly’s Video Interview Software

Wamly has been working with this company for the past six months, and during this time, they have successfully used the platform. A total of 445 candidates completed one-way video interviews on Wamly, providing the company with a diverse range of potential candidates to choose from. 

With an investment of R30 000, the company has already achieved significant savings, amounting to R406 914. This saving is based on several factors, but predominantly the time spent in interviews by hiring managers and HR. As a result, the company has enjoyed a return on investment (ROI) of 526%, making their partnership with Wamly a no-brainer.

This company’s story is a prime example of how Wamly can improve recruitment processes, resulting in better candidates and significant cost savings. Wamly has helped companies across various industries streamline their recruitment processes, making the hiring process more efficient, effective, and profitable.

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