A South African digital insurance company that specialises in providing comprehensive coverage for cars, homes, and valuables has been rapidly growing for the past seven years. Recently, the company raised an impressive $17 million in series B funding to fuel its growth, making it an extremely exciting time for the company.

With their cutting-edge digital platform, they empower their clients to manage their entire insurance journey via a user-friendly app. By using AI and automation, they offer clients a seamless and personalised experience resulting in lower costs.

Similar to how Wamly is revolutionising the hiring process, this Insurance company is revolutionising the insurance industry.

The Challenge

This Insurance company needed to find a way to navigate the bulk recruitment of graduates without spending a lot of time contacting candidates by phone.

However, since the company holds its culture in high regard, it was crucial to maintain a personalised approach to ensure a good fit between the candidates and the company.

So in October 2022, they partnered with Wamly to assist them in sourcing and identifying qualified graduates who aligned with this Insurance’s companies values and work culture.

The Solution

Initially, this Insurance company hesitated to substitute telephone interviews with a structured video interview process. So, they asked candidates to complete a Wamly video interview which they then followed up with a telephonic interview to assess the culture fit.

However, as this Insurance company gained confidence in the efficiency and effectiveness of Wamly software they completely moved away from the telephonic interviews and now they only ask candidates to complete the Wamly one-way video interview.

Digital Insurance Company Achieved A Strong 152% ROI With Wamly

The Outcome

Out of the 252 candidates invited to complete a Wamly video interview, 222 candidates successfully completed the interview – an impressive 88% completion rate.

This insurance company meticulously pre-screened the candidates and 61 candidates moved on to the next phase of their recruitment process. From this pool of 61 candidates, they have already made 7 hires.

By utilising Wamly’s software, this insurance company saved an estimated 23 minutes per candidate during the interview process, freeing up valuable time that they reinvested in other areas of the company.

So far this insurance company has achieved an impressive ROI of 152% in the six months since joining Wamly. By investing R30,000, they were able to save R75,459, resulting in a net ROI of R45,459.

Partnering with Wamly has allowed this insurance company to streamline their recruitment process, and save time and money. Initially sceptical about replacing telephonic interviews with structured video interviews, they were ultimately convinced by the ease and efficiency of the Wamly service. This partnership has saved them time and money and helped them improve their overall recruitment strategy.

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