Frequently Asked Questions

Your one-way video interview questions answered.

What is one-way video interview software?

One-way video interview software enables you to send candidates a link where they complete a video interview with a pre-set list of questions and a time limit. Your team can then watch them in their own time, saving valuable office hours.

We already have an ATS system, how is this different?

Wonderful, we love a good ATS! Wamly integrates beautifully with your ATS system and is the missing piece of software that will help save 70% of your hiring hours. Wamly is designed to compliment established recruiting processes and speed it up.

But we can just use Zoom?

Not so fast… with Zoom or real life interviews, everyone still needs to be available at the same time. With Wamly, there is no need to be in the same room with your team to see or discuss candidates, do it all online within our software and in your own time.

How will one-way video interviews lead to better hiring?

You know the vibe, they walk in the door and within seconds you already know if you’re going to hire them or not. But then you need to sit through the entire interview. Not with Wamly, simply skip to the next one. More candidates = better hires.

Will one-way video interviews impact the candidate experience?

In 2022, a candidate is interviewing an organisation just as much as the organisation is interviewing them, especially millennials. They want to work for forward-thinking, technology focused organisations. Using Wamly can only enhance their experience and perception of your brand.

What about turning down unsuccessful candidates?

Sending unsuccessful messages or invites to the next round has never been easier. Create your own custom email templates within Wamly, select the candidates you want to send the bulk notifications to and click send.

Where is your customer support and dev team based?

We have a team of 20+ talented local individuals working from our offices in Sandton. As a business we strive to immerse ourselves in the latest and greatest technology and account management practices to help our team succeed and even more so to help our customers succeed.

What about candidates in a bad signal area? Won’t they struggle with video?

We use a super speedy content delivery network (CDN), which ensures a good connection and stability in even the most remote of areas. Our requirement for connectivity is only 300kbs which is a 10th of the speed provided by a basic 3G connection.

Can I cancel at anytime?

Our Lite packages are month-to-month and you can cancel at any time. We currently support credit and debit card payments via a Payfast debit order. Enterprise packages are settled via EFT and subject to a minimum 3 month contract.

“Wamly is amazing. I can fast track the candidates that I see are not going to make it, which saves me so much time. I basically manage 5 interviews in 20 minutes that would normally take me 5 hours!

Rochelle de VilliersCFO, Kamoa Copper SA

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