It is that time of year again—time to gear up for graduate programme recruitment.  Though rewarding, the thought of sorting through piles of applications can be overwhelming. If this sounds familiar, you’re in the right place.

The landscape of graduate recruitment is changing fast, and staying updated is crucial to attract top talent. One innovative solution that is gaining popularity is one-way video interview software. Many companies are now using tools like Wamly for their graduate programme recruitment. 

In this article, we’ll look at the challenges of graduate recruitment and how Wamly’s one-way video interviews can make things smoother for you.

The Challenges of Graduate Programme Recruitment

Recruiting for graduate programmes can be challenging. With so many applicants coming through and the need to identify the best candidate efficiently, traditional recruitment methods can often fall short. The common challenges include:

1. Sorting through hundreds or even thousands of applications can be overwhelming and time-consuming.

2. Coordinating interview times with candidates from different areas or with varying schedules can delay the recruitment process.

3. Traditional interviews require significant time and resources, from initial screenings to final interviews.

4. Ensuring that all candidates are assessed fairly and consistently can be challenging, particularly when multiple interviewers are involved.

Why Companies are Using One-Way Video Interviews for their Graduate Programme Recruitment?

Why Companies are Using One-Way Video Interviews for their Graduate Programme Recruitment?

One of the primary reasons why companies are using one-way video interviews to recruit for graduate programmes is the efficiency it brings to the screening process.

Traditional interview methods often run into scheduling issues and other logistical problems, but one-way video interviews overcome these obstacles. This allows recruiters to watch candidate videos whenever it suits them, speeding up the hiring process.

These interviews keep things fair by asking all candidates the same questions. This helps prevent bias, making it easier to compare everyone’s answers fairly. They also remove the challenges of distance and time zones, letting companies consider more candidates from different places without the cost and the hassle of travel.

One-way video interviews are also cost-effective. Since companies don’t need to bring candidates in for initial interviews, they can save money and use it for other important parts of their graduate programmes.

Recruiters can watch the interviews multiple times, which helps them better assess important qualities like communication skills and body language, key for many jobs in graduate programmes. Also, with so many applicants to these programmes, one-way video interviews can handle large numbers of candidates efficiently. This means every candidate has an equal chance to show their skills without overwhelming the recruiters.

Lastly, these interviews give recruiters more control over their time. They can review videos on their own schedule, making it easier to juggle other recruitment duties. This flexibility ensures that candidates from any location can participate without being held back by geographic or time constraints, making the recruitment process smoother and more effective.

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How Wamly’s One-Way Video Interviews Solve These Problems?

Wamly’s one-way video interview software offers a streamlined, efficient, and fair solution to the challenges that arise with graduate programme recruitment. 

Here’s how it works and why it’s effective:

1.  Set Up Your Portal on Wamly

Setting up your recruitment portal on Wamly is straightforward and user-friendly.

  • Develop comprehensive interview guides tailored to the specific needs of your graduate programme.
  • Create relevant forms and skills tests to evaluate candidates effectively; these can also serve as an eliminating step.
  • Publish your project link on preferred platforms to attract potential candidates for your graduate programme.

2. Implement Your Unique Strategies

Attracting candidates to participate in one-way video interviews is a critical step. With Wamly, you can use various strategies to draw in applicants:

  • Promote your job listings on social media and job boards to reach a wide audience.
  • Wamly’s CX team provides tailored advice to optimise your candidate attraction strategies.

3. Review Candidates Efficiently

One of the most significant advantages of Wamly is the ability to screen candidates efficiently:

  • Get notified as soon as candidates complete their interviews.
  • Review candidates based on minimum criteria and skills test results.
  • Watch recorded interviews at your convenience, eliminating the need for rigid scheduling.

4. Comprehensive Candidate Assessment

Evaluating candidates is streamlined and collaborative with Wamly:

  • All panel members can view, comment, and rate candidates.
  • Assess candidates comprehensively, considering all aspects of their interview and test responses.

5. Make Informed Decisions

The final step in the process is to make informed decisions on candidate progression:

  • Send personalised rejection emails to candidates who don’t meet the minimum requirements.
  • Move the most promising candidates to the next phase of the interview process.


Wamly’s one-way video interview software transforms the recruitment process for graduate programmes. By addressing the common challenges of high applicant volumes, scheduling conflicts, and resource-intensive methods, Wamly offers a practical and efficient solution. From setting up your portal to attracting candidates and making informed hiring decisions, Wamly supports every step of the recruitment journey.

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