The act of hiring employees is a crucial aspect for leaders and is essential in finding the perfect fit for the team. It is important not only to look for someone with the necessary skills but also for a candidate who can work well with others. With the trend of remote work becoming more widespread, remote hiring has also become more common. Although it may seem challenging, the right approach can make it possible to effectively hire someone without meeting them in person. Wamly has done this successfully multiple times, and by sticking to these guidelines you can achieve it as well.

  • Using social media and referrals is a great way to find candidates, especially in a modern workforce
  • It’s imperative to utilise different platforms during the interview process especially wamly as a one-way interview software.
  • Giving the team a voice in the decision-making process can ensure that the new hire is a good fit.
  • Work samples are an ideal way to test the candidate’s abilities and skills.
  • It is crucial to communicate the company’s remote working policies to the candidate before presenting them with an offer.

How to Effectively Hire someone you’ve never met in person

Finding candidates in the Modern Workforce

Social media recruitment is a modern and effective approach to finding and hiring top talent. This process involves utilising social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and others, to advertise job vacancies, screen applicants, and connect with potential candidates. 

Social media recruitment offers numerous benefits, including the ability to showcase your company’s brand and culture, reach a wider pool of candidates, and access a more diverse range of applicants. Furthermore, social media provides recruiters with valuable insights into a candidate’s professional experience, interests, and personality. This allows you to determine if they align with the company’s values and mission.

By effectively utilising social media for recruitment, organisations can streamline the hiring process, find the right candidates for the job, and enhance the overall employee experience.

How to use social media for recruiting and hiring someone you’ve never met in person

Before recruiting candidates on social media it is important to identify your recruitment goals to ensure that this process is right for the position that you are looking to fill. It is crucial to choose the right social media platforms since each social media platform offers different communication methods. When you have decided on a specific social media platform it’s crucial to have a clear guideline on how the potential candidates can apply for the position.

Using linkedin for recruiting candidates- How to Effectively Hire Someone You've Never Met in Person

How to use referrals for recruiting and hiring someone you’ve never met in person

Referral hiring is also an excellent attraction strategy when hiring remotely, as it leverages the power of social networks and personal connections. Employee referrals are often seen as a valuable source of candidates because they come with a personal recommendation from someone within the company, providing a level of trust and credibility. 

Remote workers often rely on their personal and professional networks for job opportunities, so referrals from current employees can help expand the reach of the company’s hiring efforts. Additionally, employees who refer successful candidates are often incentivised, creating a win-win situation where both the company and the employee benefit from a successful hire. 

A multimethod platform approach during the interview process.

With the remote hiring process where face-to-face interactions are not possible, conducting video interviews over Zoom or Google Meet can seem like a great alternative. However, with the advancement of technology, there are now a variety of tools available to make the remote hiring process more convenient for both the interviewer and the interviewee. 

Just like communication methods are changing among employees, it is crucial to accurately evaluate the ideal candidate’s ability to communicate over multiple platforms. Therefore conducting different sections of the interview using different approaches can be beneficial. 

One such tool is Wamly’s one-way interview software which allows candidates to record themselves answering pre-determined questions. The hiring managers and team can then review the responses in their own time. This is especially useful earlier when you want to get to know the real person behind the CV. 

In addition to Wamly’s one-way video interview, the candidates can also use email or a drive link to send or upload a work sample, showcasing their skills and abilities required for the job. 

It is important to consider the communication platforms that are being used by the team. To ensure that the communication abilities of the candidate align with those of the team. It will also give the candidate a good understanding of the systems they will be working with.

Make Your Team a Part of the Interview Process.

When a new team member is hired, it can greatly impact the team’s overall dynamic, workflow, and communication. This is why it is important to involve the current team in the hiring process. By giving them a voice in the decision-making process, you can help ensure that the new hire is a good fit for the team and can help contribute to its success.

It is becoming more clear that an individual’s performance is highly impacted by the collaboration and dynamic of their team. When team members have a hand in selecting new hires, they are more likely to feel invested in the success of the new team member and the team as a whole.

It is worth using software like Wamly since it makes it easy for multiple line managers to view the one-way video interview completed by the candidate. You can also allow the current team members to provide input on candidate assessments, and involve them in the rest of the hiring process. This provides valuable insights into how a potential new hire would fit into the team and can help make the hiring process more effective and efficient. 

Make Your Team a Part of the Interview Process - How to Effectively Hire Someone You've Never Met in Person


Assign Work Samples to your candidates

Work samples are frequently used by companies to evaluate the work styles and fit of the potential candidate. This practice is becoming increasingly popular as more organisations recognise the importance of matching the right candidate with the right job.

By allowing candidates to showcase their skills and abilities through a work sample, companies can get a better idea of what it would be like working with them daily. Work samples are usually not large or complex work but just something that gives the company a glimpse into the candidate’s process and how they approach a task. The work samples should fit the job description and the role the candidate has to fill.  

Use a Rating System.

Using a consistent rating system can be a helpful way to quickly evaluate and compare different candidates. It is crucial to apply a rating to all candidates that are being interviewed. Also, ensure that everyone that is involved in the interview process can easily understand how the scoring system works.

The use of Wamlys one-way interview software, not only facilitates the video interview process but also enables the interviewers to evaluate each question answered by the candidate and provide a final review at the end of the interview.

Communicate Remote Working Policies Early

Working remotely and flexible work arrangements have been adopted by many companies. It is crucial to make sure that new hires are aware of the company’s remote working policies early on in the recruitment process. This will ensure that candidates have a clear understanding of what to expect in terms of remote work and with this information they can make an informed decision about whether the role is a right fit for them.

The company’s work arrangements should be discussed during the initial stage of the recruitment process and again during the final stage when the offer is being made. It is imperative to be transparent about the company’s policies.

Make An Online Offer.

Now that you have the ideal candidate for the position it is time for them to agree and sign the offer provided. Using a tool that allows the candidate to review and sign the document electronically will eliminate the need for a paper-based signature which can delay the hiring process.

Using digital contract programs like PandaDocs or Dropbox Sign can speed up the hiring process, save time and reduce costs. The candidate simply receives an email with a link to the document, which they can review and sign securely online. The document is then stored electronically, making it easy to access and retrieve whenever necessary.

Make an offer using digital programs like pandadocs- How to Effectively Hire Someone You've Never Met in Person

Create a standard onboarding process

With the rise of remote work, many companies are facing the challenges of onboarding employees who are not physically present in the office. As a result, a different approach to the onboarding process should be adopted since companies can no longer rely on in-person interactions to get new hires up to speed. 

With a well-structured onboarding process, companies can still ensure that the new hires receive the support and guidance that is needed for them to be successful in their new role. Consider what information new hires will need to know about the organisation, such as its mission and values, and the specific details of their role and responsibilities.

Follow these guidelines on how to effectively hire someone you’ve never met in person and you can also successfully hire someone remotely in no time. By using Wamly’s one-way video interview software you can save up to 80% of the time you would normally spend during the hiring process