In the context of remote working and the growing trend of companies adapting to this new environment, the need to improve and expedite the hiring process has become a pressing concern. So how to have faster online interviews? One effective approach is to incorporate ‘deal breaker’ questions, such as salary expectations, at the outset of online interviews. By doing so, companies can quickly filter candidates who may not align with their budget or other essential requirements.

An excellent solution to streamline the hiring process is the implementation of one-way video interview software like Wamly. This software has demonstrated the potential to save companies up to 80% of the time typically spent on interviews. Given the prevalence of remote work during the coronavirus pandemic, more and more companies are exploring ways to enhance their hiring practices.

Another valuable pro tip is to inquire about crucial factors like salary expectations or willingness to relocate early in the interview. By obtaining this essential information upfront, hiring teams can swiftly assess a candidate’s suitability without investing unnecessary time in the review process. For instance, if a candidate discloses an expected salary of R300,000, and it doesn’t align with the company’s budget, moving on to the next candidate becomes a straightforward decision, avoiding prolonged deliberation.

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How to have faster online interviews?

As more companies adapt to remote working, the need to streamline and expedite the hiring process becomes increasingly vital. Here are some effective strategies to improve the hiring process in light of remote work:

  1. Embrace Remote Hiring: In response to the coronavirus pandemic, companies are transitioning to remote work, making remote hiring the new norm. Embrace this shift and explore tools and technologies that facilitate remote interviews and evaluations.
  2. Utilize One-Way Video Interview Software: Consider incorporating one-way video interview software like Wamly. Studies show that such software can save up to 80% of the time typically spent on interviews. This allows hiring managers to efficiently screen candidates and focus on the most promising ones.
  3. Start with ‘Deal Breaker’ Questions Early: Instead of waiting until the end of an interview to ask critical questions such as salary expectations or willingness to relocate, address them at the beginning. This approach enables quicker assessments and helps avoid investing time in candidates whose expectations do not align with the company’s.
  4. Optimize Remote Interview Procedures: Ensure that your remote interview process is well-structured and seamless. Provide clear instructions to candidates on how to access and navigate the video interview platform. This reduces potential technical difficulties and enables candidates to perform at their best.
  5. Leverage Automated Candidate Assessments: Employ automated assessments and skill-based evaluations to efficiently filter through a large pool of candidates. This not only saves time but also ensures that candidates are evaluated based on their actual qualifications and abilities.
  6. Streamline Collaboration Among Hiring Teams: Remote hiring may involve multiple stakeholders. Streamline collaboration among the hiring team through virtual meetings and shared documentation. This enhances communication and expedites decision-making.
  7. Personalize Communication with Candidates: Remote hiring can sometimes feel impersonal. Counter this by maintaining personalized and transparent communication with candidates throughout the process. Keep them updated on their progress and provide feedback whenever possible.
  8. Implement Candidate Relationship Management (CRM) Software: A CRM system can help you organize and maintain candidate information, facilitating smoother interactions and ensuring you can easily revisit promising candidates for future opportunities.

By implementing these strategies, companies can significantly enhance their remote hiring process, leading to more efficient recruitment and better-fit candidates.

How to have faster online interviews?

What is one-way online interview software?

One-way video interview software such as Wamly allows companies to send potential candidates a link to complete an online interview.

The software prompts questions for a candidate who then has to answer them in a limited time period. Once completed, the company is alerted who can then review, comment and rate the interviews in their own time.

Where Wamly has been implemented, it has been found that raters can rate and review as many as 30 one-way interviews in an hour – around the same time it would have taken to complete one face-to-face interview.

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