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How video interviews will boost your company’s brand culture

By 16 Sep 2020Jan 14th, 2022Benefits & Features2 min read

How video interviews will boost your company’s brand culture.

To succeed in a world where customers want to make a personal connection with the products and services they consume, it’s becoming increasingly important for companies to adopt a strong brand culture. Of course, culture is only as strong as the people within the organisation, so to continue attracting the right talent, a company needs to ensure that its values are clear and translated across every aspect of its internal and external communication. This includes recruitment, an area where video interview software, like Wamly, can help your organisation reinforce its brand culture. Here’s how:

Use video interview software to reinforce your company’s tone and style

Everyone has an off day and that includes recruiters, particularly if they’ve already seen a slew of unsuitable interviewees. Wamly helps to ensure that all applicants are put through the same professional process where the tone and language is aligned with the company’s brand. A set of questions, written in company style and designed to clearly articulate its purpose can be put to candidates, who then have the opportunity to present themselves on video – allowing recruiters a more in-depth view of their personality than would get from their CV.

Avoid mis-hires

Companies that have a clear culture and identity attract talent with similar values. Wamly allows recruiters to view the interviews of large numbers of candidates at their convenience (more interviews lead to better hires) and record their impressions directly on the platform. As many colleagues as is needed can weigh in on a candidate (again at their convenience) to ensure that your company hires applicants that are not only qualified but who will reinforce your brand culture. Additionally, personality and integrity are difficult gauge from a CV. Video interview software allows an applicant’s character to shine through.

Guarantee a professional recruitment experience

Your brand culture is not only perceived and measured by your customers but by the market as a whole, which includes the job market. Video interview software can help you to ensure that all candidates enjoy a positive and professional application journey. By engaging with applicants in an innovative way, your company is signaling that it is at the forefront of technology, and by allowing them the opportunity to present themselves (beyond their CV) you are showing that your company values fairness. Both of which result in a positive experience for applicants, adding to your company’s reputation as ‘great place to work’ and consequently ensuring that it continues to attract top talent.

Francois de Wet

Ever heard of an Industrial Psychologist? Well now you have! Francois de Wet is the founder of Wamly, talent expert and former coach to many high profile corporates and CEO's. Fran is super passionate about recruitment and believes people are the heartbeat of every business. Read our founding story.