• Potential candidates for companies have grown to be consumers as they are often buying the very product a company aims to sell. 
  • This means that the hiring process should be highly personal and as enjoyable as possible. 
  • With HR video interview software such as Wamly, companies can personalise the hiring experience as well as include corporate colours and logos. 

Improve hiring by improving the candidate experience

As social media is growing and more companies are using it for brand building, it has led to an interesting shift in the hiring process for organisations. In the current landscape, candidates are not just job seekers; they have also become consumers. This shift has created a new level of complexity in the hiring process for companies. As buyers of the very product that companies aim to sell, it is essential to treat candidates as consumers to maintain a positive brand image.

To ensure that the hiring process is successful and maintains a positive brand image, it is essential to personalise the hiring process. Candidates should be treated with the same level of care and attention that is given to customers. This means that organisations should aim to provide an experience that is enjoyable and engaging for candidates. This is essential for building a positive brand image and creating a strong reputation.

How HR video interview software improves the hiring experience for candidates?

To provide a personalised and enjoyable hiring experience for candidates, organisations can take advantage of technologies such as HR video interview software. These tools are ideal for improving the hiring experience for both candidates and the hiring company. Video interview software can help to create a more engaging and interactive interview experience, which can help to build a positive brand image and create a lasting impression on candidates.

Video interview software can also help organizations to streamline the hiring process and save time and resources. By using video interview software, organizations can conduct interviews with candidates from anywhere in the world, which can help to attract a wider pool of talent. This can help to create a more diverse and inclusive workforce, which is essential for building a positive brand image and attracting top talent.
How HR video interview software improves the hiring experience for candidates


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Why is candidate experience important?

According to a study conducted by Harvard Business Review, employees who have a strong connection to the company and feel loyal towards the brand are more motivated to work harder and exceed expectations. This is because they feel a sense of commitment to the organisation and its objectives.

On the other hand, employees with low loyalty are likely to undermine the expectations set by their managers, break rules, and even sabotage the goals set to be achieved. Therefore, it is important for companies to foster loyalty among their employees to improve their motivation and performance.

However, many companies struggle to market to their employees internally. Often, people without effective communication skills, such as HR professionals, are responsible for this task. As a result, the outcomes of these efforts are often poor. To address this issue, companies can leverage HR video interview software, provided by platforms like Wamly. This technology offers a quick and easy way for candidates to be interviewed while saving companies up to 80% of the time they would have spent on traditional interviews.

How HR video interview software improves the hiring experience for candidates 2

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How does HR video interview software work?

One-way video interviews offer candidates the convenience of recording their responses to a pre-determined set of questions within a specific time frame. Once completed, candidates can then submit their responses to the company for review at their convenience.

Companies are also able to brand the entire hiring experience with company logos and colours, as well as include promotional material and introduction videos.

A Gallup Poll found that companies where employees feel involved and appreciated see a 23% increase in profitability, an 81% reduction in absenteeism, and an 18% increase in sales.