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One way video interview – this SA company cut hiring to only two weeks

By 10 May 2021Jan 14th, 2022Testimonials3 min read

How this SA accounting firm used one-way video interviews to cut its hiring process

The Beancounter accounting firm cut its hiring process from three months to two weeks through one-way video interview software.

  • Accounting firm The Beancounter would spend as much as three months to make one accountant hire. 
  • Managers had to put a considerable amount of time to evaluate suitable candidates before making a hire. 
  • This, however, changed when the company started making use of one-way video interview software Wamly which cut down its hiring process to two weeks. 


South African accounting firm The Beancounter, founded by serial entrepreneur and Shark Tank SA investor Marnus Broodryk, spent up to three months making just one accountant hire.

Finding the best talent remained one of the company’s biggest challenges, with a position being left vacant for a considerable amount of time as managers had to put in time to evaluate suitable candidates.

This, however, changed in 2018 when the company started making use of one-way video interview software Wamly.

It allowed The Beancounter to create questions on an app, send these questions to hundreds of potential employees, and they will then do a one-way video interview on the platform.

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The Beancounter would receive a notification when someone has completed their interview and will be able to review it in their own time. Their hiring process went from 3 months to 2 weeks.

“We are now able to interview more people that lead to better hires, and it has freed up our days to focus on more important tasks,” The Beancounter COO Marlize Lombard said.

How one-way video interviews can help other companies save time: 

Finding suitable candidates is a problem experienced by small businesses around the world, with 70% of companies spending between one to four months making a hire.

This means employees as part of hiring panels – often senior – are kept occupied with the hiring process for several hours. This is time that could’ve been spent focusing on their jobs to add value to the overall business.

One-way video interview software can help companies cut down on the time wasted in interviews by sending out a predetermined list of questions to potential candidates who can then complete a one-way video interview in their own time and without the employer being present.

The interview panel gets alerted once the candidate has completed the one-way interview, allowing each member of the panel to review the interview in their own time when it is most convenient.

This means that the diaries of an interview panel do not have to align for the interview to take place, and managers do not have to sit through lengthy interviews for candidates that they know would not fit the company.

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