• Around the world, companies have started making use of one-way video interview software to save time during their hiring process.
  • It is, however, being asked if you can make a technical hire through one-way video interviews, such as developers and accountants can be made through one-way video interview software.
  • Companies can ask the same technical questions to candidates as they would’ve during a normal interview, and can also ask candidates to complete skills tests.

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Can you make a technical hire through one-way video interviews?

Companies worldwide are revolutionising their hiring processes through the adoption of innovative one-way video interview software. This transition has empowered organisations to compress their traditionally lengthy hiring timelines, often spanning around three months, into a remarkably swift two-week period.

The ascendancy of one-way interviews, exemplified by platforms like Wamly, has ignited a thought-provoking discourse on their applicability to more specialised roles such as technical positions in software development and accounting. While initially tailored for conventional roles, the concept of evaluating technical prowess and competence through asynchronous video interviews has raised intriguing inquiries.

Within the framework of a typical one-way interview, candidates are provided with a unique link and are tasked with completing an interview within a specified timeframe. This format offers candidates the flexibility to respond to questions at their convenience, while enabling employers to evaluate and rate the submissions at their own pace.

The substantial time savings offered by one-way interviews have demonstrated the potential to pare down hiring efforts by an impressive 70% compared to traditional methods. Furthermore, the efficiency gains extend to the review process, with companies boasting the ability to assess up to 30 one-way video interviews within a single hour.

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Interestingly, the similarity between one-way interview software and conventional interviews has facilitated the seamless adaptation of technical questioning. Technical queries that align with the role’s demands can be seamlessly integrated into this format, enabling recruiters to gauge a candidate’s proficiency and problem-solving capabilities.

Companies can augment the assessment process by coupling one-way interviews with supplementary technical tests or skills evaluations. This multifaceted evaluation approach delivers a comprehensive understanding of a candidate’s suitability for the position.

A defining aspect of platforms like Wamly is the autonomy it bestows upon companies to formulate tailored questions. This empowerment extends to highly technical inquiries, which candidates can adeptly address within a predetermined timeframe. For instance, The Beancounter, an esteemed accounting firm, leverages Wamly to challenge potential candidates with intricate tax dilemmas. This technique effectively discerns candidates’ expertise and compatibility with the firm’s exacting standards.

Beyond the realm of technical proficiency, one-way interview software provides a platform for companies to engage candidates in scenario-based questions. By soliciting candidates’ analyses of complex business predicaments and their proposed solutions, organisations can glean insights into candidates’ strategic thinking and problem-solving acumen.

In conclusion, the advent of one-way video interview software marks a paradigm shift in modern recruitment strategies. As its implementation expands across industries and roles, the discourse around its capacity to evaluate technical competencies remains dynamic. With its time-saving attributes, adaptability to technical questioning, and customisation options, this innovative approach holds the potential to redefine how organisations identify and secure top-tier talent.

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