• Many people are asking how one-way interview software compares to traditional hiring.
  • One-way interviewing software allows companies to send applicants a link to complete a recorded interview without a panel being present. 
  • It has been found to save companies time in terms of completing the interviews and reviewing them. 

One-way video interviewing software has gained significant popularity in recent years as a technological advancement in the field of recruitment and hiring processes. This innovative approach has sparked discussions about its effectiveness compared to the more traditional methods of hiring.

One-way video interviews allow companies to send applicants a link to complete a recorded interview, without a panel being present.

The software prompts questions the candidate has to answer within a time limit, and once completed the company is alerted which can then review it in their own time.

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How one-way interview software compares to traditional hiring?


Traditional face-to-face interviews require the candidate to travel to the interview location, leading to both the travel time and the time needed for the interview itself.

On the other hand, one-way video interviews follow a structured format and typically have a set time limit, such as around 10 minutes based on the interview guide. This is significantly shorter than the time a face-to-face interview would take, which could involve travel and an in-depth conversation.


Traditional face-to-face interviews incur various costs, including travel expenses for both candidates and interviewers, costs associated with securing a suitable venue, and possibly providing refreshments. Moreover, there’s the opportunity cost of managers being away from their regular responsibilities.

In contrast, one-way video interviews primarily involve the data used for the interview video, which is relatively small in size (around 400 MB). This makes the cost per interview comparatively lower

How one-way video interview software saves companies money

Technical requirements 

Traditional face-to-face interviews have minimal technical requirements, mainly revolving around the communication device used to schedule and conduct the interview.

One-way video interviews require candidates to have access to a webcam-enabled device, such as a smartphone. This can be an advantage, especially considering the prevalence of smartphones in certain regions. For instance, the text mentions that roughly half of South Africa’s population owns smartphones, and the company conducting the interviews supports a wide range of smartphone models

Review Process 

In the traditional face-to-face interview scenario, the process involves the actual interview, followed by deliberations, shortlisting, making offers, and finally the hiring decision. This process can span around 60 days.

In contrast, one-way video interviews are recorded and can be reviewed by the interview panel members individually and at their convenience. This asynchronous reviewing process allows them to rate each candidate separately. The efficiency of this process is underscored by the ability to review up to 30 one-way video interviews in an hour. The top-rated candidates from these recorded interviews are then invited for a final interview before making the hiring decision. Overall, the one-way video interview process typically takes around 20 days, significantly shorter than the traditional process.

The text also highlights a notable statistic – when interviewing software is implemented in companies, it has been found to save as much as 80% of the time that would have been spent on the hiring process. Additionally, managers can review as many as 30 one-way interviews in an hour, a similar timeframe to completing just one traditional two-way interview.

In summary, the adoption of one-way video interviews offers advantages in terms of time, cost, technical requirements, and review process efficiency compared to traditional face-to-face interviews. These benefits can contribute to streamlining the hiring process and making it more convenient for both candidates and hiring teams.

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