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Why can you not re-record interviews on Wamly’s one-way video interviews?

By 3 Aug 2021Jan 14th, 2022Benefits & Features2 min read

Why can you not re-record interviews on Wamly’s one-way video interviews?

One-way video interviews - Why can you not re-record interviews on Wamly

  • In order to replicate a traditional interview – in a more efficient manner – Wamly’s one-way video interviews do not allow candidates to re-record their answers.
  • Furthermore, rerecording would take away the authenticity of a candidate’s responses, making it difficult to determine if a candidate is best suited for a role.
  • One way video interviews allow candidates to complete an interview without an interview panel being present, and the panel being able to review it in their own time.

One-way video interview provider, Wamly, does not allow candidates to re-record their answers, as it aims to replicate the traditional interview process as much as possible – just in a more efficient manner.

Wamly allows companies to send candidates a link which allows a candidate to complete an interview, where the software prompts questions within a limited time period, without the interview panel being present.

Once completed, the interview panel will be alerted and can then rate and review the interview in their own time, when most convenient. Where Wamly has been used, it has been found that a line manager can review as many as 30 one-way video interviews in an hour.

It has been found to cut down companies’ hiring time from 60 days to just 20 days.

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Wamly doesn’t allow a candidate to re-record the interview questions, as it operates on the assumption that it would make a candidate more nervous and feel obliged to record interviews three-four times to get the perfect response.

Furthermore, the point of an interview is to understand if a candidate fits the requirements of a role, and if a candidate can rehearse or redo an interview it removes the authenticity of their responses.

For example, a candidate can change their responses to fit the requirements of a role, or if a technical question is asked a candidate can contact someone for assistance.

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Before a candidate starts with their one-way video interview, Wamly shares information on how the interview would work, and allows the candidate to do a practice question to ensure that they are comfortable before the start of the interview.

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