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The one thing WeBuyCars look out for when hiring

By 13 May 2022May 18th, 2022Recruitment2 min read

  • There is one characteristic that Webuycars look out for when making a recruitment. 
  • This is because the company believes that skills can be taught while cultural fit is difficult to achieve. 
  • The characteristic, the company’s general manager for marketing and HR, said has meant that it could spot opportunity where no one else does. 

Whenever pre-owned car sales platform Webuycars makes a new hire, it always looks at whether a candidate is positive about the future of South Africa.

Because as Rikus Blomerus, general manager for marketing and HR at Webuycars, says: “It’s about finding the right culture fit”.

Blomerus said that a positive kind of person is who they aim to hire at Webuycars as that person will be more open to change, being trained and have a willingness to learn.

“I think that’s one of the key contributions in our world is by appointing someone that’s positive not only about himself, but about the company and about South Africa,” he said.

“We would say in an interview situation to paint a very negative picture about South Africa. And then we would ask the guy what he’s feeling. And that person says, “No, it’s not it’s not that bad’.”

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Aside from technical positions, buyers and sales people can usually be trained with the necessary skills, Blomerus said.

“So that’s that’s vital in our business is finding people that’s like minded instead of finding the skilled people.”

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The company’s approach to hiring, Blomerus said, comes from its CEO Faan van der Walt who’s always insisted that the company doesn’t do things simply because other companies have always done it.

Blomerus said the company has always looked optimistically at situations which has helped it spot opportunity where no one else saw it.

“The CEO’s like, ‘Yeah, but we don’t have to do anything like everyone else is doing it. We can do it in a way that’s sensible and it’s to the benefit of the business. And, and that’s how we viewed recruitment as well.”


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