• Companies such as Old Mutual and Deloitte make use of Wamly’s one-way video interviews to hire better people, faster. 
  • The software allows candidates to complete a video without the hiring panel being present, and the company reviews it in their own time. 
  • It has been found to cut as much as 80% of the time companies would’ve spent on hiring.

Why several companies are using recruitment video software?

Recruiting new talent is a crucial process for any company, but it can be time-consuming and expensive. Several large companies in South Africa, including hospitality group Ocean Basket, financial services group Old Mutual and Deloitte have turned to Wamly’s recruitment video software to hire better people faster.

Wamly’s Recruitment video software allows companies to send applicants a link to complete a one-way video interview without the hiring panel present. So candidates can complete the interview at their own convenience and companies can review the interview at their own pace, saving time and money in the hiring process.

One of the biggest advantages of using Wamly’s recruitment video software is the time-saving aspect. Companies can review as many as 30 interviews in an hour, cutting as much as 70% of the time they would have spent on hiring. Typically, an HR video interview lasts between five and 15 minutes, in contrast to the hour a panel would typically have to spend interviewing candidates

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The video interview format allows for more consistency in the hiring process, as every candidate is asked the same questions in the same way. It also gives candidates the chance to showcase their skills and personality in a way that a traditional CV or application cannot.

It is up to the discretion of the company how many questions are asked during an HR video interview. But, the typical HR video interview has five to eight questions, with 30 seconds to one minute to respond to each question.

The top-rated candidate is either hired or invited for a final face-to-face interview before an offer is made.

Ocean Basket’s Global People Leader Stiaan Pienaar said Wamly has completely changed the way the company hires, helping them save time they would’ve spent on hiring, and hiring better people.

one-way video interview software is the future of hiring