Have you noticed how everything seems to be moving at a faster pace these days? With technology advancing at lightning speed, efficiency is becoming more crucial, especially in recruitment. Companies are constantly searching for innovative ways to streamline hiring, reduce the administrative burden, and effortlessly reach top talent. One fantastic feature of Wamly’s software is the Shareable Project Links feature, which empowers recruiters to significantly change the way they reach candidates. Let’s dive into how this feature is revolutionising the process

What is Wamly’s Shareable Project Links Feature?

Wamly’s shareable link feature gives recruiters and hiring teams a unique link for a job opening or project in the Wamly system. This link can be shared on social media, job platforms, or directly with candidates through email or messages.

When a candidate clicks on this link, they are taken straight to a one-way video interview for that specific vacancy or project. They can do the interview whenever it suits them within the given timeframe, making the whole process much simpler.

What is Wamly’s Shareable Project Links Feature?

Why did we develop this feature?

In many companies, Wamly is the main system used, but sometimes it’s an additional tool. In any case, Wamly is designed to help candidates complete a video interview easily. Candidates can come into the Wamly platform in two ways:

  1. Manual Candidate Addition: If you already know your candidates—having reviewed their CVs and shortlisted them—you can manually add them to the software. Each candidate then receives a unique invitation email, and the unique identifier is their email address, ensuring that only that specified candidate can access and complete the interview.
  2. Shareable Link for Open Applications: This option is great for companies that might not know their candidates ahead of time. Hiring teams can post the shareable link on social media, job boards, WhatsApp, or on a careers page. Anyone interested can click the link, register themselves, and start their video interview right away.


We do not charge per candidate completing a one-way video interview, allowing recruiters to reach as many people as possible without additional fees. The shareable link effectively acts as a self-registration tool, sparking interest in potential candidates who see the job advertisement and are ready to apply.

Why should Wamly’s Shareable Project Links Feature matter to you?

Using Shareable Project Links for one-way video interviews has many benefits that can be very useful for recruiters:

  1. Shareable Project Links let multiple candidates complete interviews at their convenience, eliminating the need for individual scheduling and speeding up the hiring process.
  2. These links make it possible to reach more candidates across different platforms and attract passive applicants.
  3. Candidates can apply from anywhere at any time, enhancing their experience.
  4. Shareable Project Links cut down on travel and venue costs for both candidates and recruiters. They also reduce dependence on job agencies, further saving money.
  5. By sharing interview links widely, you’re more likely to attract more candidates thus you have a better chance of finding that perfect fit.
  6. There is no limit to how many candidates can click on the link to complete the interview 
  7. Shareable Project Links are perfect for high-volume recruitment, allowing you to handle many applications at once and increase the diversity of potential hires.


These features make Wamly’s shareable one-way video interview links an essential tool in your hiring toolkit, leading to more efficient, cost-effective, and candidate-focused recruitment processes.

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In wrapping up, it’s clear that Wamly’s Shareable Project Links Feature is much more than a simple recruitment tool—it’s a game changer in the hiring landscape. By utilising this innovative feature, companies can not only broaden their talent search but also enhance candidate engagement and streamline the entire recruitment process, all without incurring extra costs. Whether it’s attracting passive candidates, reducing logistical overheads, or securing high-quality hires, Wamly’s Shareable Project Links are setting new standards in efficient, effective, and inclusive recruitment practices. Step into the future of hiring with Wamly and redefine what it means to recruit in the modern world.