• Accounting firm The Beancounter would spend as much as three months to make one accountant hire.
  • Managers had to put a considerable amount of time to evaluate suitable candidates before making a hire.
  • This, however, changed when the company started making use of the one-way video interview software Wamly which cut down its hiring process to two weeks.

SA Company Reduces Hiring Time to just two weeks with one-way video interviews

The Beancounter, a prominent South African accounting firm founded by the accomplished serial entrepreneur and Shark Tank SA investor, Marnus Broodryk, once grappled with the intricate challenge of securing top-tier talent for its team. The process of filling an accountant position, which could extend up to three months, underscored the meticulous effort invested in assessing suitable candidates by the company’s managers.

However, the company underwent a transformation in 2018 when The Beancounter embraced the innovative one-way video interview software, Wamly. This revolutionary tool empowered the firm to curate tailored questions through an intuitive app, swiftly dispatch these inquiries to a multitude of prospective candidates, who, in turn, participated in solo video interviews hosted on the platform.

Upon completion of the interview, an automated notification would promptly alert The Beancounter, affording them the flexibility to review the recorded interactions at their convenience. This transition proved transformative, compressing their hiring timeline from a protracted three-month span to a mere two weeks.

Marlize Lombard, the astute COO of The Beancounter, illuminated the benefits: “This new approach has unlocked the potential to engage with a broader array of candidates, yielding superior hires, while concurrently liberating our schedules to channel our energies towards more mission-critical endeavours.

And that’s how The Beancounter reduces hiring time to just two weeks.

SA Company Reduces Hiring Time to just two weeks 1

How one-way video interviews can help other companies save time:

Small businesses worldwide often grapple with the challenge of finding suitable candidates.The task of identifying and securing suitable candidates for job positions can be an a time-consuming endeavour, often leading to a drain on both resources and productivity. This has resulted in a remarkable statistic: approximately 70% of companies invest anywhere from one to four months in the recruitment process. This extended timeline not only affects the businesses themselves but also has an impact on key employees, particularly those in senior roles, who become deeply involved in the hiring procedures for significant durations.

This situation creates a dilemma. Valuable and experienced employees, who should be focusing on their core responsibilities and activities that drive the growth and value proposition of the business, find themselves sidetracked by the intricate and time-intensive nature of the recruitment process. Their diversion into hiring-related activities comes at the cost of diverting attention from strategic tasks that are pivotal to the company’s success.

However, a modern solution has emerged to address this dilemma – one-way video interview software. This innovative tool offers a powerful means to substantially reduce the time and effort traditionally expended during the recruitment phase. How does it work? Rather than conducting traditional in-person or live video interviews, the software facilitates a streamlined process.

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Here’s how it works: Potential candidates receive a set of predetermined interview questions from the employer. They are then invited to record their responses to these questions via video, at a time that suits their schedule. Importantly, this entire process occurs without the need for direct employer presence during the interview itself. Once the candidate has completed the one-way video interview, the interview panel – typically comprised of relevant stakeholders and decision-makers – is automatically notified.

This is where the efficiency and flexibility of the one-way video interview software truly shine. Each panel member is granted the flexibility to review and assess the recorded interview at their convenience. This eliminates the need for panel members to synchronise their schedules for a traditional live interview, saving them time and effort. With the ability to choose the most suitable time for review, the interview panel can focus on evaluating candidates without being tied down by logistical challenges.

One of the most significant advantages of this approach is that managers and decision-makers are no longer compelled to endure lengthy and often repetitive interviews with candidates who may not align with the company’s values, culture, or requirements. The technology allows for a more streamlined and targeted selection process, ensuring that only the most promising candidates progress to the next stages of recruitment.

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