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Three hiring lessons from the Tinder Swindler

By 8 Feb 2022Feb 23rd, 2022Best Practice4 min read

If you haven’t yet heard of the Tinder Swindler… you need to Netflix and chill asap! This documentary will take you on a journey.

The dating scene is much like the hiring scene and I found myself drawing so many similarities to the recruitment world while watching this film.

Quick backdrop: the Tinder Swindler is a documentary about a guy who manages to live the high life via his interactions on Tinder, without using a cent of his own money, because well, he has none. It’s insane.

So what could we possibly stand to learn from this man’s highly questionable ways? Three very important things.

1. How people portray themselves online is never the full story and how one-way video interviews can solve this problem.

I’ve been in the talent acquisition space for close on ten years now and I can tell you one thing, most CV’s are a far stretch to the actual human you’re looking at hiring. There is just no way you can capture the real presence of a person on a CV, or for that matter, on a pre-recorded video. How many times did they get to record that video before sending it to you anyway? A pre-recorded video is advertising at it’s best.

Wamly clients who have found the most success with utilising our one-way video interview software as a hiring tool, are actually using it to speed up their short-listing process and fast track potential candidates to real life interviews. Because Wamly integrates seamlessly with most ATS systems out there, they use their ATS as step 1, Wamly as step 2 and in-real-life interviews as step 3.

The beauty of utilising one-way video interview software as an ‘extra’ step in your hiring process, is actually that it removes up to 70% of your hiring hours, because you get to see the real presence of the human you’re considering hiring, because the one-way video acts as a pre-requisite to see how they would answer questions under pressure in real life. And that is KEY to finding the right people for your team. We know that culture is everything these days, and the wrong hire can cost you greatly.

2. If you’re gonna talk the talk, your company better walk the walk.

A friend told me a story last week about an organisation that was trying to hire a finance manager. They had settled on a candidate that they were all super excited about, and they had put a ton of effort into selling this position, but the company took so long to turn around it’s old school hiring process, that their star candidate pulled the plug at the last minute, because he thought to himself; “If this is what it’s like to get hired here, I can’t even imagine what it’s going to be like to work here.” Those were his actual words to the company. It shows us what a huge reflection the hiring process is on the capabilities of an organisation to instil confidence in a possible great hire. So because of a hiring process that took so long, they lost the talent. What a huge disappointment, all round.

3. Technology can be a total waste of time and money if not used purposefully.

There’s the terminology, garbage in = garbage out. This is clearly true for the Tinder Swindler, and similarly it’s very true for all types of technology. If you’re going to explore new ways of integrating technology into your personal or business life, you might as well give it a proper go to make sure you aren’t falling short because you don’t understand the technology correctly. These are very uncertain times, and with the speed of change, it can be highly overwhelming and unsettling. (Just like the Tinder Swindler documentary!)

For us here at Wamly, we understand that the hiring industry is naturally kind of ‘old school’ – but that doesn’t mean new technology needs to be scary. That’s why when we on board new enterprise level customers, we make sure to guide them through a POC period and help them understand all the in’s and out’s of how one-way video interview software can help save them countless hours and decrease the amount of time they spend on admin, and increase their capacity to make better hires.

In closing, don’t let this new world we’re very swiftly moving into frighten you – in almost every industry there are trusted professionals who can help fast track your learning curve and keep you ahead of the pack! And you know who to lean on for video interview software. 😉

Francois de Wet

Ever heard of an Industrial Psychologist? Well now you have! Francois de Wet is the founder of Wamly, talent expert and former coach to many high profile corporates and CEO's. Fran is super passionate about recruitment and believes people are the heartbeat of every business. Read our founding story.