Keen to join the Wamly hustle?

Work for Africa’s fastest-growing recruitment software company. Wamly is going big and we are looking for high-vibration people to join us on the journey.

That Wamly hustle

Your opportunity to work for a solution-driven company that is breaking boundaries and designing for the future world.

We are serious about implementing processes and procedures for all things HR that speak to and are aligned with our company culture. At Wamly, we have an amazing culture with incredible people who buy into our vision and who live our brand. On a monthly basis, we have social gatherings and we celebrate our victories.

What we do is create a really fun vibe at the office where we play hard but also party hard. We have ongoing victory boards where we share the quarterly target and traction and progress made toward this target.

For every milestone we hit we celebrate with bubbles and ring a bell as we discuss what worked and what we can do better. From a leadership perspective, we have no hierarchy, no red tape, no politics, and no bullshit.

We are the Wamly Family, working hard, loving life, and feeding off insane energy. Exco decided to build Wamly on core foundational principles by writing a declaration of clarity:

Our hedgehog

We are most passionate about: Utilizing the latest & greatest technology in the world.
We make our money by: Creating solutions that help the world hire better people faster.
We can be the best in the world at: Providing the most rewarding recruiting experience.

Our way of being

We are future-focused solution-driven next-level thinkers out to build a world-class product.

Our mission (who + what + how)

Helping the world hire better people faster with future-focused technology.

Our core values are

Radical Honesty: we value honest feedback and don't take it personally
Ethical: We value integrity and doing the right thing
Celebratory: We work hard and celebrate wins
Supportive: We’re there for one another, in business and in life
Courageous: We’re future focussed and not scared to rock the boat
Our mission and Vision: this is our reason for being

Our Vision

What will be realised is we live our purpose every day: Helping the world hire better people faster with future-focused technology.

Benefits we offer

Be a part of the fastest-growing HR company in SA.

There are no vacancies currently. Please check again soon.
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Innovative people do not need to be told to do it, they need to be allowed to do it.

Eric Schmidt - Author of How Google Works