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Work for Africa’s fastest-growing recruitment software company. Wamly is going big and we are looking for high-vibration people to join us on the journey.

That Wamly hustle

Your opportunity to work for a solution-driven company that is breaking boundaries and designing for the future world.

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1. Next level thinkers

We are a high-energy team of next level thinkers and we are looking for people who aren’t afraid to speak up and bring new and innovative ideas to the table.

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2. The sky is the limit

There is no red tape here. The sky is the limit. Breaking boundaries is our game. We want your ideas, and we want you to help us design and build for tomorrow.

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3. In the know

We only hire rockstars who are in the know. Whether it’s sales, dev, support, design – we’re looking for the needles in the haystack that stand out from the rest.

Meet our #WamlyFamly founders

Marnus Broodryk with sunset in the background

Meet Marnus

Initial CEO and now investor, board member and strategic advisor

Marnus was our first CEO and then moved over to a strategic advisor. Well known as the youngest investor ever to feature on the global television series Shark Tank, Marnus advises Fran and Exco with wisdom and enthusiasm, constantly keeping his eyes on the global expansion of the company.

Meet Francois de Wet the CEO of Wamly

Meet Fran

Founder and recently appointed CEO

Ever heard of an Industrial Psychologist? Well now you have! Francois de Wet is the founder of Wamly, talent expert and former coach to many high profile corporates and CEO’s. Fran is super passionate about recruitment and believes people are the heartbeat of every business, so naturally, he only hires rockstars!

Hear it from our dedicated team

One of the highlights of working at Wamly is the opportunity to collaborate with some of the brightest minds in the industry, not only are we colleagues but we are a family also, Wamly prides itself on fostering an innovative environment where creativity is encouraged. The company's commitment to pushing boundaries and exploring new ideas is inspiring. This makes each day at work feel like an opportunity to contribute to something groundbreaking 🙂
Nomthandazo Mabena - Customer Support Specialist & Office Administrator
Going for interviews and potentially starting a new job is terrifying because the decision to work for a company goes both ways. As a potential new recruit, what I value is a great culture, team collaboration and experienced leaders that want to invest in your growth. In the first almost 3 months of being with Wamly, I did not once regret my decision to join. I think this just solidifies that what I saw in my interview and online is definitely a reality that Wamly is living. Wamly is authentic and definitely did not take the plaster approach of hiding flaws. They own there flaws, they are willing to fail but what I see is a group of people who want to succeed and make the company a huge success - Im all in for Wamly and I am excited to see where the journey goes!
Nadine Rüsch - Customer Success Manager
Working at Wamly is an exhilarating blend of hard work, continuous growth, and rewarding fun. I chose to be a part of this dynamic team because I was excited to contribute to a product with the potential to become a unicorn while collaborating with individuals who possess an unwavering drive for success. Wamly isn't just a workplace; it's an environment that accelerates careers and fosters both personal and professional development, making every challenge overcome and achievement celebrated a truly extraordinary experience.
Johann Hough - Product Owner
Working at Wamly, is like flying a rocket without reading the manual. Fast paced, at some times a little chaotic and fun. The sky is the limit.
Francois Coertze - Trusted Solutions Advisor
Working at Wamly has been a transformative experience that has pushed me to continuously test the limits of my capabilities. Admittedly, it's not always a smooth ride, with demanding deadlines and high expectations that can seem overwhelming. However, what sets Wamly apart is the incredibly supportive and collaborative environment that empowers me to overcome these challenges. It's not just a workplace; it's a place where passion meets opportunity, Wamly has become a place for personal and professional growth, igniting a fire within me to reach new heights and embrace the endless possibilities that lie ahead.
Khomotso Masondo - Back-end Engineer
As a Test Automation Engineer and Manual Tester at Wamly, I find immense pride in being part of a company that exemplifies innovation and teamwork. Choosing to work at Wamly was a natural decision, driven by the company's commitment to pushing technological boundaries. In my role, I utilise cutting-edge tools as a Test Automation Engineer, while benefiting from the collaborative environment that bridges Manual Testing and Automation seamlessly.

Wamly's dedication to fostering professional growth and celebrating individual contributions makes it a unique workplace. As a Manual Tester, I appreciate the synergy between teams and the ample opportunities to expand skills through workshops, cross-functional projects, and more. Working at Wamly has been an enriching experience, where excellence and collaboration intertwine to create an environment where both personal and collective successes thrive.
Phillip Khunwana - Test Automation Engineer
Working at Wamly is a genuine pleasure.I chose to work here because they care about new ideas and making everyone feel welcome. The team feels like friendly people hanging out , always vibrant and supportive.What I like best about Wamly is that they listen to everyone and encourage creativity. The great thing is, there's lots of potential for personal and professional growth, just like how you can learn new things every day.
Tanzila Abedin - Front-End Developer
Working at wamly in my opinion is a breath of fresh air, you are nurtured to be the best version of yourself while being given opportunities to always upskill yourself. The word impossible is never part of the conversation here and the atmosphere is always warm and welcoming , this is definitely my home away from home .I believe in fate and I believe fate put me here because I yearned for a work environment that has strong values and never sways from it's path on striving for excellence by first inspiring and then nurturing talent.
Teboho Mabuza - Support Consultant
My experience at Wamly has been truly enriching. I've witnessed personal growth and had the privilege of collaborating with cutting-edge technology, which has been truly remarkable.
Rosetta Macuacua - Head of Support
What I absolutely love about working at Wamly is the amazing people. They're incredibly supportive and collaborative, which makes each day enjoyable. Plus, being in a workplace that's all about embracing new technologies and making innovative changes in the industry adds even more excitement and motivation to the job.
Chané Greyling - Copywriter & Community Manager
At Wamly, every day feels like a new adventure. The dynamic environment keeps me on my toes and challenges me to think outside the box. While the pace can sometimes be intense, it’s the collective passion and vision that makes it all worthwhile. I chose to work here because I wanted to be at the forefront of innovation and contribute to projects that can make a real difference. What I love most about Wamly is the camaraderie among my colleagues and the sense that we’re all working towards a common goal. That said, like any workplace, it has its moments of stress and occasional disagreements, but these challenges only push us to grow and evolve as a team.
Farren Maré - Chief Operating Officer
Working at Wamly offers a unique and fulfilling experience for individuals who are motivated by being part of a fast-paced and innovative company. Innovative culture, impactful work, collaborative environment and professional growth opportunities.
Marlon Magonjo - Software Development Engineer
Working at Wamly has been an incredible and challenging experience. Wamly is at the forefront of our industry and the team's dedication to excellence is evident in the quality of our work and the impact it has on our clients and I have enjoyed being a part of that.
Bianca Botha - Strategic Account Manager

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