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Video interviews vs Real-time interviews

By 20 Aug 2020Jan 14th, 2022Benefits & Features3 min read

Video interviews vs Real-time interviews

With the large amount of video-chat and conferencing software out there, you may well ask “Why does my company need video interview software?” The short answer is – aside from being a safe, user-friendly and reliable platform, video interview software is specifically designed with professional recruitment process in mind and offers a slew of benefits you won’t find on other platforms.

For the longer answer, we’ve compiled a list of just some of the reasons, your company will benefit from Wamly:

A CV is one thing, the real deal is often something else entirely.

How often have you come across the perfect candidate on paper only to find that the person behind the CV is far from what they’ve advertised? By asking candidates to do a video interview, you get a better feel for the human behind the CV. Video interviews allow you to pick up on non-verbal cues as well as to see how well the candidate has prepared for the interview, this includes for example if they’ve dressed in line with your company’s culture. In fact, CVs are so 2018 that many of Wamly’s clients are using video interview software as their first form of application.

Removes scheduling from your task list

Trying to get candidates and the busy professionals responsible for hiring them into the same room at the same time is a scheduling nightmare. With Wamly you can eliminate countless wasted hours emailing back and forth by inviting candidates to answer questions via one-way video interview at their convenience. Similarly, everyone involved in the hiring process can watch the videos at a time that is most suitable for them. The hours saved also mean that you can elevate your hiring success by interviewing more people.

Assess a candidate’s tech savvy

Regardless of the position, most workplaces these days need their employees to have at least a basic understanding of technology. Asking a candidate to do a video interview is a way of assessing their tech savvy. Likewise, by adopting video interview software you are sending a subtle cue that your company is on the cutting edge when it comes to technology.

Get to the point, fast

While small talk can be a great indicator of a person’s soft skills, it can also be a great time waster at certain stages of the recruitment process. At the point when you are identifying suitable candidates, learning about an applicant’s puppy or Netflix habits is a huge time waster. Wamly helps you to cut to the chase by getting the applicant to directly answer a set of questions related to the position.

Video interview software helps to streamline the hiring process

Wamly helps your company to establish and maintain a structure to the interview process. Once a candidate has answered and submitted their video interview, all those involved in the recruitment process will be notified. They can then view the interview at a time most convenient for them. Collaboration is made easy because everyone on the team can rate the applicant and leave notes about the interview in the same space. All comments and recommendations can then be reviewed in one go and candidates can be appointed or invited for a face-to-face interview.

Francois de Wet

Ever heard of an Industrial Psychologist? Well now you have! Francois de Wet is the founder of Wamly, talent expert and former coach to many high profile corporates and CEO's. Fran is super passionate about recruitment and believes people are the heartbeat of every business. Read our founding story.