You might wonder, with the abundance of video chat and conferencing software available, why your company should invest in video interview software like Wamly. The straightforward response is that video interview software is not only a secure, user-friendly, and dependable platform, but it is also specifically tailored for professional recruitment processes, providing numerous advantages not found in other platforms. This will help you understand the difference between video interviews vs real-time interviews and help you make the best decision for your business.

Video interviews vs Real-time interviews

Video interviews and real-time interviews are two distinct approaches to conducting candidate assessments. Each method offers its own advantages and considerations.

Video interviews

Video interviews provide flexibility and convenience for both candidates and interviewers. They allow candidates to record their responses to preset questions at their preferred time and location. This eliminates scheduling conflicts and geographical limitations, making it easier to interview candidates from different time zones or distant locations.

Video interviews also enable interviewers to review the recorded responses at their convenience, allowing for a more focused evaluation and comparison of candidates. Additionally, video interviews can be stored and revisited, making it convenient to share and gather feedback from other team members involved in the hiring process.

However, video interviews lack real-time interaction, which means interviewers cannot gauge immediate reactions or observe non-verbal cues during the interview.

Video interviews vs real-time interviews

Real-time interviews

On the other hand, real-time interviews involve direct, face-to-face interaction between candidates and interviewers. These interviews provide the opportunity to assess candidates’ interpersonal skills, communication abilities, and presence in real time. Interviewers can ask follow-up questions, engage in natural conversation, and assess candidates’ reactions on the spot.

Real-time interviews also allow for immediate clarification and deeper exploration of specific areas of interest. However, real-time interviews may present logistical challenges in terms of scheduling and coordination, especially when dealing with multiple candidates or interviewers in different locations. Additionally, the pressure of performing well in a live setting might affect some candidates’ performance, potentially hindering their ability to showcase their true capabilities.

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Now that you understand video interviews vs real-time interviews lets discuss one video interview platform that will change the way you hire.

What is Wamly?

Wamly offers a one-way interface that enables recruiters to create a standardised set of questions and invite candidates to participate in a video interview. This unique method allows you to maximise the potential of applicants by utilising video interview software. Although it does not provide the opportunity to ask immediate follow-up questions, it is an effective way to review a large number of applications during the initial stages of hiring.

By using Wamly’s video interview software, you can efficiently evaluate a large pool of candidates while saving valuable time. The platform allows you to assess each applicant’s responses and evaluate their qualifications based on their video presentations. This streamlined process ensures a fair and consistent evaluation, helping you identify exceptional candidates who stand out among the others.

After identifying outstanding applicants through Wamly’s video interview software, you can then proceed to ask them additional questions or invite them for an in-person interview. This personalised approach further enhances the hiring process, ensuring that you can make well-informed decisions based on a comprehensive assessment of each candidate’s potential.

5 Reasons why your company will benefit from using Wamly

1. A CV is one thing, the real deal is often something else entirely.

How many times have you encountered a seemingly perfect candidate on paper, only to discover that the person behind the CV doesn’t live up to their advertised qualities? By incorporating video interviews into your hiring process, you gain a deeper understanding of the individual behind the CV.

Video interviews enable you to observe non-verbal cues and assess how well-prepared the candidate is for the interview, including aspects like their attire aligning with your company’s culture. In fact, CVs are becoming outdated, and many of Wamly’s clients now use video interview software as their primary application method.

2. Removes scheduling from your task list

Coordinating schedules between candidates and busy hiring professionals can be a logistical nightmare. However, with Wamly, you can eliminate the countless hours wasted on back-and-forth emails. Instead, you can invite candidates to participate in one-way video interviews at their convenience.

Similarly, all stakeholders involved in the hiring process can watch the video interviews at a time that suits them best. The time saved allows you to enhance your hiring success by interviewing a larger pool of candidates. Say goodbye to scheduling headaches and welcome increased efficiency in your hiring process.

3. Assess a candidate’s tech-savvy

In today’s workplaces, it’s essential for employees to possess a basic understanding of technology, regardless of the position. Requesting candidates to participate in a video interview allows you to evaluate their tech-savviness. Furthermore, by incorporating video interview software into your hiring process, you subtly convey that your company is at the forefront of technological advancements. It sends a message that your organisation embraces and utilises cutting-edge technology.

4. Get to the point, fast

Small talk can provide valuable insights into a person’s soft skills. However, during certain stages of the recruitment process, it can also be a significant time waster. When you’re in the phase of identifying suitable candidates, delving into topics like someone’s puppy or Netflix habits can consume precious time. Wamly streamlines the process by allowing you to focus on the essentials. It prompts applicants to answer a specific set of questions directly related to the position, helping you cut to the chase and prioritise relevant information.

5. Video interview software helps to streamline the hiring process

Wamly assists your company in establishing and maintaining a structured interview process. When a candidate completes and submits their video interview, all relevant individuals involved in the recruitment process receive notifications. This allows them to watch the interview at their own convenience.

Collaboration becomes seamless as team members can rate the applicant and leave interview notes in a unified platform. All comments and recommendations can be conveniently reviewed in one place, enabling efficient decision-making. Based on this comprehensive evaluation, candidates can be appointed or invited for a face-to-face interview. Wamly simplifies the interview process and enhances team collaboration for effective candidate assessment.

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