In January 2023, Wamly partnered with a non-profit educational organisation from South Africa with 31 employees. This organisation is on a mission to empower unemployed young individuals by improving their digital marketing skills through a 10-week boot camp. This will contribute to the economy and reduce the youth unemployment rate in South Africa, which currently stands at a staggering 61%. Wamly is thrilled to be a part of their inspiring journey that is making a positive impact on South Africa.

Despite the noble intentions of this non-profit organisation, they encountered several hurdles while trying to recruit candidates across the nation. Wamly is now collaborating closely with them to overcome these obstacles and offer a viable solution. Together, Wamly and this non-profit organisation are on a mission to achieve a brighter future for South Africa’s unemployed youth.

The Challenge

When this non-profit organisation set out to recruit candidates for their 10-week boot camp, they faced some obstacles. One of the significant challenges was to level the playing field for all applicants by making it easy for anyone to apply no matter where they are located and reducing the transportation costs associated with applying for the boot camp. It was also difficult for this organisation to keep track of the bulk applications that they are receiving. 

In search of a solution to these challenges, this non-profit organisation turned to Wamly’s one-way video interview software. While Wamly’s interview software proved to be a valuable solution to their recruitment issues, this non-profit organisation faced another unexpected problem. They noticed a high dropoff rate among candidates during the Wamly interview process.

The Solution

To address the challenges this non-profit organisation had, they decided to move to a more digitalised recruitment process with Wamly’s one-way video interview software. This change made it convenient for candidates to apply from anywhere in South Africa, and it also helped this non-profit organisation keep track of the high volume of applications they received.

This was especially important as they needed to select 300 candidates for their boot camp. Managing such a high volume of applications can be a challenging task, but this non-profit organisation was able to use Wamly to streamline the process and make it much more manageable.

Wamly's Software Proven To Revolutionise Recruitment for A South African Non-Profit

Since this non-profit organisation is also facing a significant number of drop-offs during the interview process, Wamly and this non-profit organisation collaborated to develop strategies to encourage candidates to complete the Wamly interview successfully. These strategies include:

  • Add more context to WhatsApp messages to support candidates feeling overwhelmed by the platform.
  • Add an introductory video to motivate candidates to complete the video while gaining more visibility about the boot camp and the skills they could learn to build their own careers.


Through this partnership, this organisation has been able to recruit a diverse pool of candidates from all corners of South Africa.

The Outcome

Since this non-profit organisation has implemented Wamly’s software, they have been able to digitalise a portion of their recruitment process, simplify their hiring process, and recruit candidates from various geographical regions without those candidates having to incur any transportation costs. The non-profit organisation has had 172 candidates complete their video interviews, and the project management teams have been able to screen the videos sent by candidates at their own pace.

The experience of this non-profit organisation serves as a compelling illustration of how Wamly can enhance recruitment procedures, leading to superior candidate selection and substantial financial benefits. Wamly’s expertise in optimizing recruitment has benefited businesses across multiple sectors, facilitating a streamlined and cost-effective hiring process that improves overall efficiency and effectiveness.

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