• Around the world, companies are starting to use one-way video interviewing software such as Wamly as it saves them hours on their hiring process. 
  • More than 400, and growing, companies are now using Wamly in South Africa alone.
  • Companies have saved up to 80% of the time they would’ve spent on hiring by using one-way-video interview software. 

Why More Companies Are Using One-Way Interview Software?

Companies around the world have recognised the immense potential of streamlining their hiring processes through the utilisation of innovative one-way interview software, with prominent platforms like Wamly at the forefront of this transformative trend.

This groundbreaking shift has not only allowed companies to optimise their hiring efficiency but has also facilitated more informed and insightful hiring decisions. Wamly, among others, has emerged as a trailblazer in this realm, offering a cutting-edge solution that significantly enhances the hiring experience.

In the dynamic landscape of human resources, the adoption of one-way interview software has gained remarkable traction, becoming one of the most substantial and noteworthy trends. The impact of this trend has been especially remarkable in South Africa, where more than 400 enterprises have embraced Wamly’s platform, underscoring its pivotal role in revolutionising the hiring landscape.

By introducing one-way video interviewing software like Wamly, organisations have witnessed a remarkable reduction, often up to 80%, in the time previously expended on traditional hiring methods. This leap in efficiency has not only granted companies a competitive edge but has also allowed them to redirect their resources towards other critical aspects of their operations.

A particularly compelling facet of this transformation is the ability for managers to assess and evaluate up to 30 one-way interviews within a single hour, a feat that parallels the temporal investment required for a single conventional two-way interview. This juxtaposition underscores the exponential gains in efficiency that can be achieved through innovative hiring technologies.

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Wamly’s ascendancy as the fastest-growing one-way video interview software provider in Africa speaks volumes about its impact. Having expanded its footprint across more than 12 countries, Wamly has unequivocally established itself as a frontrunner in shaping the future of the hiring landscape, not only in South Africa but across the continent.

An illustrative success story is that of The Beancounter, an accounting firm that witnessed a remarkable transformation in its hiring process. With the integration of Wamly’s software, their hiring timeline was drastically reduced from a three-month ordeal to a mere two-week endeavour, underscoring the game-changing nature of innovative hiring solutions.

Moreover, as the regulatory landscape evolves, Wamly remains at the vanguard of data security and privacy. In alignment with South Africa’s Protection of Personal Information (POPI) legislation, the platform ensures that sensitive data remains impervious to third-party access or unauthorised sharing. This commitment to data integrity and security solidifies Wamly’s position as a partner dedicated to not only streamlining hiring but also safeguarding the confidentiality of sensitive information.

In essence, the integration of one-way interview software, exemplified by Wamly, marks a pivotal juncture in the evolution of hiring practices. It’s a convergence of innovation, efficiency, and data security that promises to reshape how companies around the world identify and onboard top-tier talent. As this trend continues to gain momentum, its transformative influence will undoubtedly reverberate across industries and geographies, propelling organisations towards a more agile, insightful, and successful future.

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What are one-way video interviews?

One-way video interview software such as Wamly, unlike two-way interview software such as Zoom, Skype or Google Meets, allows a candidate to record their interview and then send it back to the company to review their own time.

It allows a company to facilitate the entire interview process without being physically present, thereby saving companies time and reducing the need for a panel to all be present simultaneously.

During one-way video interviews, it is up to the company’s discretion how many questions they would like to ask and how long they would allow a candidate to answer a question.

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