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Why use One-way Video Interview Software instead of email?

By 31 May 2021Jan 14th, 2022Benefits & Features2 min read

Why use One-way Video Interview Software instead of email?

  • Companies around the world have started making use of one-way video interview software, which has been found to save hours.
  • It is more beneficial than an email as a company can see a candidate respond to questions, and questions have to be answered in a limited time frame.
  • With emails, candidates are also allowed to search for answers to questions before responding.


The use of one-way video interview software such as Wamly has grown around the world, as it has consistently been found to save companies valuable time in the hiring process.

However, questions have been asked why companies should use one-way interview software instead of email for completing interviews with potential employees.

The biggest difference between the two is that with one-way video interview software, a company can see a candidate, while with an email, they cannot.

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From video, a company can elevate how a candidate presents themselves, understand a bit of their tonality and how they present themselves to understand whether a candidate would be a culture fit.

This may especially be important if the position being hired for is a client-facing role where sales have to be completed or presentations made.

One-way interview software also has a time cap for each question a candidate has to answer, forcing them to think on their feet.

Comparatively, with an email, a candidate can spend time to find answers to the questions being asked before emailing a response.

What is one-way video interview software?

One-way video interviews allow for a candidate to record their interview during a limited time frame with a list of preset of questions and then send it back to the company to review in their own time.

The interview panel gets alerted once the candidate has completed the one-way interview, allowing each panel member to review the interview in their own time when it is most convenient.

A typical one-way video interview lasts between five and 15 minutes, compared to the hour a panel would typically have spent interviewing candidates out of courtesy.

During one-way video interviews, it is up to the company’s discretion how many questions they would like to ask and how long they would allow a candidate to answer a question.

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