Wamly’s one-way video interviews are designed to replicate a traditional interview but in a more efficient manner because of this they deliberately do not allow candidates to re-record their answers to preserve the authenticity of their responses. The reason why you cannot re-record a Wamly one-way video interview is that this approach ensures that the suitability of a candidate for a role can be accurately assessed, as any rerecording could potentially mask the candidate’s true capabilities.

One-way video interviews also offer the advantage of allowing candidates to complete the interview without the immediate presence of an interview panel, granting the panel the flexibility to review the interview at their convenience. This innovative process streamlines the hiring process while maintaining the integrity of the evaluation.

One way video interview software saves companies time and money

Why you cannot re-record a Wamly one-way video interview?

Wamly is a South Africans leading provider of one-way video interviews that aims to revolutionise the traditional hiring process by offering a more efficient and authentic approach. This platform provides a unique way for employers to screen candidates without the need for in-person interviews.

The one-way video interview process begins with companies sending personalised interview links to candidates. Upon viewing the link, candidates are presented with thought-provoking interview questions and given a limited amount of time to record their responses. The innovative aspect is that this process is not done in real-time, meaning candidates don’t face the pressure of an interview panel during the recording.

A crucial aspect that sets Wamly apart is its policy against allowing candidates to re-record their responses. The reasoning behind this decision is to promote authenticity and prevent candidates from rehearsing their answers, which can hinder the genuine assessment of their abilities.

By eliminating the option to redo interviews for candidate, Wamly encourages candidates to provide candid responses, giving hiring managers a more accurate insight into each applicant’s suitability for the role. This approach has proven highly effective because it enables line managers to review up to 30 one-way video interviews in just one hour. As a result, the overall hiring time is drastically shortened from an average of 60 days to only about 20 days.

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Before candidates begin the actual interview, Wamly ensures they are well-prepared by offering detailed information about the interview process. Additionally, candidates are given a practice question to help them feel at ease and familiar with the platform and process.

In essence, Wamly’s innovative platform enables employers to assess candidates fairly, tapping into their true potential, being able to see the candidate behind the CV and finding the perfect fit for their organisation. Simultaneously, it significantly streamlines the recruitment process, making it more efficient and convenient for both employers and candidates.

Unlike the traditional method requiring many in-person interviews, Wamly’s platform lets hiring managers efficiently evaluate candidates through virtual interactions. This greatly reduces the time needed to review applicants. It speeds up hiring and allows recruiters to focus on more important tasks after initial screenings.

A standout feature of Wamly’s platform is its ability to reach beyond borders. Candidates can participate remotely, no matter where they are. This opens up a wider pool of potential hires from around the world. This not only improves the chances of finding the right candidates but also promotes diversity and inclusivity.

The platform stresses fairness and standardised evaluations. Every candidate is assessed using the same criteria, reducing bias and ensuring a more objective evaluation. Removing the need for in-person interviews also helps avoid scheduling conflicts, providing a smooth and flexible experience for both candidates and interviewers. All of this makes it possible to discover top talent regardless of their background or location.

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