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The most rewarding recruting experience


Old Mutual Insure: Stop endless screening of CVs

The Problem: Alleviating and solving for the pressure on management as it related to the time spent in interviews for our Gen Zoomers using a social media type of interactive tool.

Solution: Wamly has tremendously cut down our interview times.A one-hour interview has now been reduced to a 12-to-15-minute video reviewed by recruiters and Hiring Managers, at their own convenience. Feedback from candidates has been positive, the process is quick, future fit, fun and easy to manage, this has reflected well on our OMI brand, which in turn helps us with our EVP.

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Sungeetha Sewpersad
Human Capital Executive

Momentum – Hiring faster without compromising on quality

We needed to find a tool that could enable us to hire quality candidates faster. Best recruitment software we’ve ever used. Finding the right people for the right roles has now become so much easier with a lot less effort.

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Desiré Pauw
Divisional Executive, Momentum

“I do not think I can do my recruitment process without Wamly anymore. It has completely changed the way we hire. It’s shortened the time and removed some bias that merely looking at CV’s creates. Everyone that applies to us for an internship has the opportunity to complete the interview. This in itself has served as an excellent funnel, as we can see who takes the time to complete it and how timeously it is done. The experience really imitates a real-life interview and we are able to get a more holistic understanding of the candidate before we have even interviewed them. Francois and the team have been a pleasure to work with! Any query I have is dealt with timeously.”

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Rebecca Cameron
Intern Cape Town

“The best recruitment software we’ve ever used. We are now able to interview more people, which leads to better hires and it has freed up our days to focus on more important tasks.”

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Marlize Lombard
The Beancounter

“We absolutely love Wamly, we spend significant time reviewing international products and your product is on par if not better than everything we’ve came across prior.”

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Dylan Cohen
CRM Data & Management Lead, Mindcor Group

Wamly is amazing. I can fast track the candidates that I see are not going to make it, which saves me so much time. I basically manage 5 interviews in 20 minutes that would normally take me 5 hours!

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Rochelle de Villiers
CFO, Kamoa Copper SA

Why Pick Wamly

The most rewarding recruiting experience

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Streamline your hiring process

No need to be in the same room with your team to see or discuss candidates, do it all online within Wamly and in your own time.

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Decrease time spent on admin

With Zoom or face-to-face interviews, everyone still needs to be available at the same time, which is inconvenient and a waste of time.

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Store all your data in one place

Our streamlined evaluation process makes it easy for you to shortlist the best talent for epic real-life interviews.

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