Did you know that on average, corporate job openings receive about 250 applications? This results in an overwhelming number of CVs and interviews required to fill a single vacancy. Moreover, it takes about 52 days to fill a position, which is a significant amount of time. 

As a result, companies are continually searching for ways to enhance their recruitment processes, which is why many have already turned to Wamly’s one-way video interview software. Our mission at Wamly is to help you hire better people faster, and we are achieving exactly that. By utilising Wamly, you can reduce your hiring time by an impressive 70%, making it an essential tool for any company looking to streamline its recruitment process. 

Our main objective is to ensure that the interview process is as smooth as possible for all parties involved, including HR teams, line managers and candidates. However, we also want to ensure that our existing clients are making full use of all of the features that Wamly’s one-way video interview software has to offer. 

Therefore, we want to explore the hidden benefits of our software that you may not be taking advantage of yet. 

10 Benefits Of Wamly’s Interview Software You Need To Be Utilising

With its customisable options and advanced features, Wamly’s software is an essential tool for recruiters and hiring managers. So, if you want to save time, reduce costs, and attract top talent to your organisation, keep reading for the 10 benefits of Wamly’s interview software you should be using.

Benefits of Wamly’s interview software for the Human Resource Department

HR Teams have complete control over the interview process

Wamly’s one-way interview software gives HR teams complete control over the interview process. Using this software, HR teams can decide the questions asked during the interview, the preparation time provided to candidates, and the response time allocated to them.

HR teams can decide on preparation and answer times

HR teams can carefully consider the types of questions they want to ask during the interview process and decide whether to provide candidates with ample time to think and make notes about their answers. If this is the case, HR can give candidates a long preparation time. Alternatively, HR can simulate a real-life interview process, meaning candidates will only have a short time to prepare for the questions asked.

This level of customisation allows HR teams to create a tailored interview experience that meets their specific needs while also ensuring that candidates have a fair opportunity to showcase their skills and abilities.

The software enables HR teams to set specific answer times for each question asked. By setting answer times, HR teams can obtain a more accurate understanding of a candidate’s communication skills, thought processes, and problem-solving abilities. It also helps them identify candidates who have extensive knowledge about the topic and can think on their feet, making it easier to select the most suitable candidate for the job.

HR teams can decide on preparation and answer times

HR can filter candidates

Wamly’s one-way interview software also offers HR teams an added layer of control in the candidate selection process. With this feature, HR teams can add themselves to the panel first and hide certain candidates’ video interviews before adding line managers to the projects.

By doing so, HR teams can review the videos first and ensure that only the most suitable candidate’s videos are shown to the line managers. This feature helps to streamline the selection process by minimizing the number of candidates that need to be evaluated by line managers, saving time and resources.

Benefits of Wamly’s interview software for the Candidates

Wamly’s one-way interview software is designed with candidate experience in mind. It offers features that help reduce the anxiety associated with traditional interviews and ensure that candidates feel comfortable and prepared throughout the process.

Wamly reduces anxiety among Candidates

Wamly’s software provides a static video that explains what a one-way video interview is and tests the candidate’s device to ensure that it meets the technical requirements. The software won’t allow the candidate to proceed if they fail any of the checks, ensuring that the raters don’t watch a video with no sound or a black screen.

In addition, Wamly offers a preparation system for candidates, where they can go through a tour of the system and do some practice questions, giving them a clear understanding of what to expect during the interview. This feature helps candidates feel more confident and prepared for the interview, leading to better performance and results.

benefits of wamly's interview software- Tour of Wamly software for candidates

Candidates are also allowed to blur themselves during the interview if they are uncomfortable with seeing their faces, ensuring that they are not distracted or anxious during the interview.

Wamly’s one-way interview software is designed to create a positive candidate experience, reduce anxiety, and ensure fair and objective evaluation for all candidates.

benefits of wamly's interview software

Benefits of Wamly’s interview software for Line Managers

Wamly’s one-way interview software is designed to facilitate fair and objective candidate evaluations. Comments and scoring keys are critical to this process.

Raters can Comment and Score Candidates

While raters watch the video interviews, they are encouraged to make comments and give scores, as these are essential tools for providing objective feedback. By providing their comments and scores independently, raters can ensure that their opinions are not influenced by other panel members, eliminating power distance and promoting fairness.

HR teams can use the “viewed ratings” button to get a high-level summary of what all panel members have said about the candidates. This feature allows HR teams to download and distribute the feedback to the panel, enabling them to make informed decisions about the candidates.

By using comments and scoring keys, Wamly’s one-way interview software helps HR teams create an objective and unbiased evaluation process that enables them to select the most qualified candidates for the job. Additionally, this feature ensures that candidates are evaluated based on their performance and merit, rather than subjective factors.
Raters can Comment and Score Candidates

Other Benefits of Wamly’s interview software that you need to utilise

Wamly’s software calculates the overall interview time.

As you build the interview guide, the software can calculate the overall interview time. This will be sent to candidates in their invitation email together with the link expiration date. 

This allows candidates to plan accordingly and set aside the appropriate amount of time for the interview, leading to a more positive and less stressful experience for the candidates.

Wamly’s software can easily be integrated with third-party systems

The software has an API token which means it can also be easily integrated with third-party software, such as applicant tracking systems and HR systems, creating a seamless flow for both candidates and HR teams. Wamly can also push back data automatically, which ensures that all the data is in one place, making it easier for HR teams to manage the recruitment process efficiently.

Integrate other third party apps with Wamly.

Wamly’s software sends Notifications to line managers and HR teams

Once a candidate has completed an interview a notification will be sent to the line managers, letting them know when a candidate has completed an interview. The HR team will also get notified when the entire panel has finished rating. This feature helps to keep the recruitment process on track and ensures that all team members are up-to-date with the recruitment process.

Wamly’s software allows for open projects

Wamly’s one-way interview software has a great feature that allows projects to have multiple end dates or an open link that never expires. This means that if you are continuously recruiting for the same vacancy, you can have one project running which allows video interviews to continuously enter the system.

You can share the link on platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, your website, etc. This saves you from starting the entire recruitment process from scratch every time there’s a vacancy. This creates a talent pool. 

In this talent pool, the candidates are either already rated, or you can rate them quickly. Once you’ve narrowed down your choices, you reach out to the potential candidates to see if they’re still in the job market and invite them for an interview. 

It’s not just a talent pool of CVs but actually videos of candidates that you can listen to and see how they respond

Wamly offers three levels of Support

In addition, Wamly offers three levels of support, including an in-app chatbot, a human support team, and an account manager, to ensure that HR teams and candidates have access to the assistance they need throughout the recruitment process. 

benefits of wamly's interview software- Contact information for Wamly


Overall, Wamly’s interview software offers a range of features that make the recruitment process more efficient, effective, and user-friendly for both candidates and HR teams. Now you can maximise the potential of Wamly’s one-way video interview software and enhance your recruitment process even further.

If you are not a user of Wamly’s software yet, what are you waiting for?

one-way video interview software is the future of hiring