How to do a Wamly interview

You will have the opportunity to perform practice question in the app before your real interview starts.

How to prepare for a video interview

  • A video interview is in all aspects the same as a traditional interview, except that you will not be interviewed by a person, but will be presented with a set of pre-selected questions and your answers will be recorded using your own device’s camera and microphone.
  • Your recorded interview will then be available for review by the interview panel.
  • It is very important that you prepare for this interview in the same way you would for a normal interview.
Candidate area on Wamly's website with tips

Benefits of one-way interviews for candidates

green sun and umbrella icon

Anytime, anywhere

You get to decide when and where you want to do the interview.

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No need to travel

No travel costs and no time wasted travelling.

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Answer in your own time

No pressure being in front of a panel.

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Online interviews

Apply for jobs that would otherwise have been too far you to do in person.

Tips for candidates

Technical requirements for candidates

You will need an upload speed of at least 300kb/s.

Any device with a working microphone and camera


Supported Operating System: 

    • Windows 7+
    • OS X El Capitan+

Supported Browsers:

    • Chrome: 80+
    • Safari: 13.1+
    • Edge: 80+
    • Opera: 68+
    • Firefox: 74+


Supported Operating System:

    • 7.1.1+

Supported Browsers:

    • Chrome: 80+
    • Edge: 80+
    • Opera: 72+
    • Firefox: 79+
    • Samsung Internet: 115+


Supported Operating System: 

    • iOS / iPadOS 15.2+

Supported Browsers:

    • Safari: 13.5+
    • Chrome: 92+
    • Edge: 92+
    • Firefox: 105+
    • Opera: 4+

For iOS 15.2 and lower, please try enabling these options if you experience any difficulties

•    Tap the Settings icon on the Home page

•    In the Settings screen that appears, tap Safari

•    All Safari’s settings appear

•    Select Advanced

•    Select Experimental Features

•    Toggle Media Recorder on

one-way video interview questions are recorded to a set time