Features to streamline your hiring

with Wamly’s one-way video interview software

Customisable interview questions

Our software puts you in control with Customisable Interview Questions. Craft questions that suit your unique hiring needs, aligning perfectly with the specific demands of the role. Not sure where to begin? Dive into our template library for instant inspiration.

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Skills testing capabilities

With our Skills Testing Capabilities, you can create and auto-grade multiple-choice questions, automatically filtering out candidates who don’t meet skill requirements. This streamlines your process, ensuring only qualified candidates proceed to the one-way video interview (This is optional).

Introduction videos

You can go beyond text and share an introduction video showcasing your company and extending a warm welcome to potential candidates. This personal touch is setting the stage for a more meaningful one-way video interview experience.

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Rating & commenting tools

Facilitate seamless collaboration with your hiring team through our intuitive Rating and Commenting Tools. This feature empowers you to provide valuable insights on each candidate. Raters can assign individual scores, and the system will automatically aggregate these scores for a comprehensive evaluation. Use the filtering options to focus on specific ratings. The platform preserves a detailed history of ratings and comments, offering a valuable reference point.

Document upload functionality

Simplify the candidate journey with our Document Upload Functionality. Tailor the process by specifying the documents you require—whether it’s a CV, driver’s license, matric certificate, ID, etc.

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Screening forms for efficient selection

With the Screening Forms feature, you can create your own set of minimum qualifying criteria questions, allowing you to filter candidates before watching their one-way video interviews based on their answers in this form. This ensures that you only review videos from candidates who align perfectly with your criteria, accelerating the path to finding the ideal fit for your team.

Cross-device compatibility

Experience unparalleled flexibility with Wamly’s Cross-Device Compatibility feature. Whether you’re on an iPad, computer, mobile phone, or any device of your choice, Wamly ensures a consistent and user-friendly interface.

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Security, multi-Factor authentication (MFA) & cloud-based

Our one-way video interview software takes security seriously. Benefit from Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for enhanced access control. Plus, enjoy the reliability of a secure, cloud-based infrastructure. Your data is protected, ensuring a seamless and fortified recruitment experience.

Company branding options

Inject a personalised touch into your one-way video interviews by incorporating your company’s logo and colors. Showcase your brand identity seamlessly, creating a professional and engaging environment that reflects your organisation’s personality. Elevate the candidate experience and leave a lasting impression with every interaction, courtesy of our easy-to-use branding customisation options.

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Social media-ready shareable links

Share your Wamly project link on various social platforms, allowing you to connect with a wider audience of potential candidates. Prospective hires can simply click the link and complete the one-way video interview at their convenience.

API integration features

Designed with flexibility in mind, this functionality enables seamless integration with third-party software. Tailor the integration according to your unique needs, granting you the freedom to decide how the software interfaces with your existing tools.

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Access to template libraries

Our platform provides predefined templates for interview guides, and emails. Edit, duplicate, and add to these templates to tailor them to your specific needs. This ensures a consistent approach across the platform, promoting uniformity among administrators who utilise the same templates. Streamline your processes, maintain clarity, and uphold standards with ease of access to Template Libraries in our one-way video interview software.

Comprehensive reporting

Gain insights at various levels, from user performance to project analytics, interview metrics, candidate evaluations, and communication logs. Our platform empowers you to download these reports into Excel, offering a convenient way to analyse, share, and strategise based on comprehensive data sets.

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Inclusive software design

Our one-way video interview software is thoughtfully designed to cater to diverse environments, including remote areas. Unlike platforms demanding the latest devices and high-speed internet, Wamly is optimised for accessibility. It ensures a seamless experience without the need for excessive data, as it uploads videos after each answer instead of a large file at the end.

Benefits of using Wamly's one way video solution

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No travel required

Interview candidates from different cities and countries without the need for them to travel. Wamly brings the interview experience directly to you, making global hiring hassle-free.

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Flexible scheduling

With Wamly’s one-way video interviews, candidates can showcase their skills at their convenience, and you can watch their interviews anytime, anywhere, eliminating the need for coordinating busy schedules.

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Concise answers

Ensure fairness and efficiency in your interviews with Wamly! Pre-set interview questions for all candidates, combined with time limits, eliminate the risk of lengthy responses. Obtain consistent, concise answers, making your hiring process smoother and more insightful.

Features 47
Bias reduction

Ensure fairness in your hiring process, as all candidates answer the same questions, eliminating bias. Additionally, confidential ratings prevent mutual influence among raters, enhancing objectivity in your recruitment process.

Features 49
Authentic interviews

The time per question can be customised to create an authentic interview experience, and candidates cannot retake it.

Features 51
Unlimited interviews & project

Create as many projects as you need, invite unlimited candidates, and conduct limitless video interviews—all within a platform designed for your hiring freedom.

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Effortless talent pools & pipelines

Capture every candidate’s interview effortlessly, ensuring a valuable pool for future considerations, even if they are not the perfect fit right now.

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Access to a larger audience of candidates

One-way video interviews broaden your candidate reach, making it easier to connect with individuals who were previously inaccessible. Embrace a more diverse and inclusive hiring process by exploring expanded possibilities.

Features 57
Bulk notifications

Craft templates, select candidates, and send messages seamlessly—making communication with both unsuccessful candidates and those moving to the next round a breeze.

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Local support available

Our friendly support consultants are available 24/7 to assist candidates or clients with any support- or training-related queries.