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Real-time interviews are wasting your time. Why? Because YOU need to be there. With our video interview software, candidates can do one-way interviews and you can review them in your own time.

Features 2

Anytime, anywhere

No need to cram interviews into your already full working day, quickly review multiple candidates after-hours.

Features 4

Build an archive

Even if you don’t land up hiring a certain candidate, their interview is saved in case things happen to change.

Features 6

More candidates

Your time isn’t needed, so you can interview more candidates, leading to better final interviews and hiring results.

Features 8

Epic real-life interviews

No surprises when they rock up for an interview, based on what their CV sold you. Better people from round 1.

Features 10

Get the real answers you need

Fancy CV but what are they like in real life? With Wamly, you can build your own interviews with the questions you need answers to. Getting to know the real person behind the CV has never been easier.

Features 12

Relevant questions

Not just a room where interviewers ask whatever’s on their mind. Ask relevant questions per role, set standard questions and create question templates.

Features 14

Test their knowledge

Candidates do not get to see a list of questions before they start, so you can ask technical questions ‘on the spot’ to test their knowledge and how they perform under pressure.

Features 16

The pressure is on

Wamly asks questions in real time and your candidate has seconds to prepare, just like in real life. No point watching a perfectly edited video, you’re interested in the real person.

Features 18

CVs are so 2018

Many of our Wamly clients are now using video interviews as their first form of application, as it’s much quicker to assess candidates by watching them live vs reading their CV.

Collaborate effortlessly

No need to be in the same room with your team to see or discuss candidates, do it all inside Wamly and in your own time. Our streamlined evaluation process makes it easy for you to shortlist the best talent for epic real-life interviews.

Features 20
Features 22

Get notified

No more waiting for candidates to arrive or making small talk. All team members are notified when a candidate completes an interview.

Features 24

Better than Zoom

With Zoom or face-to-face interviews, everyone still needs to be available at the same time, which is inconvenient and a waste of time.

Features 26

Rate & comment

Each team member invited can rate candidates and make comments. All ratings are then available for admin to make the final decision.

Features 28

Bulk notifications

Sending unsuccessful messages or invites to the next round has never been easier. Create templates, select candidates, send. Done.


Enjoy a new kind of interview

Interviews are a real pain for most HR people because it’s so time-consuming and expensive. This is how we help you create interviews that are super efficient and that you can actually enjoy.

Features 31

Force concise answers

Don’t let them babble on for hours. Force concise answers with time limits for each question, helping you hire the best person in the shortest time.

Features 33

Neeext please

They walk in the door and within seconds you already know if you’re going to hire them or not, kind of frustrating. With Wamly you can simply skip to the next one.

Features 35

Do it in your own time

We’re here to help you do more efficient hiring, so you and your team can spend their time doing more work that matters and less sifting through CVs.

Features 37

No need to travel

Wamly is the closest thing you’ll find to a real life interview without the extra travel expenses when considering candidates from other cities.

A world-class SA product

Wamly competes with the best international software companies but is locally developed and supported. We understand the unique South African market, limited connectivity, local legislation and the need for world-class support.

Features 40

Controlled pricing

Our pricing to South African customers is in ZAR, so you can control how much you spend without the monthly fluctuations of USD billing.

Features 42

Local support

Our friendly support consultants are available 24/7 to assist candidates or clients with any support or training related queries.

Features 44

POPI compliant

Wamly complies with all South African legislation including the Protection of Personal Information (POPI) Act 4 of 2013.

Features 46

BEE & transformatio

Wamly is a level 2 BEE service provider and our entire development team consists of young African developers who we train and support.

Find awesome people to join your team, effortlessly.

There’s a better way to do hiring. One that allows you to collaborate effortlessly so that you can concentrate on the things that matter most.