One of the biggest challenges hiring managers have is to keep candidates engaged during the interview process. It is not just about getting them to apply and show up for the interview. It is also about keeping them interested in the job, the company and the hiring process until a final decision has been made. So here are some tips on how to keep candidates engaged during the interview process.

How To Best Keep Candidates Engaged During The Interview Process

Here are seven ways to keep candidates engaged during the interview process:

Create an Engaging Pre-selection Process

Creating an engaging pre-selection process can help you screen candidates and identify the best fit for the role. This can include online assessments, video interviews, and pre-employment tests to help you evaluate their skills, knowledge and personality.

You can also create a pre-selection process that is unique to the position and your company. 

For instance, if you seek a salesperson, you could leverage your social media presence to host a playful contest where prospective candidates showcase their top sales pitches and tag your company. The top 20  contenders with the best sales pitches would be invited to participate in a video interview. This method can give you access to a pool of talented candidates that you were previously unaware of, and allow you to get to know the actual individual instead of a CV.  

This is also the time to We should also use this process to communicate our expectations and help them prepare for the interview.

How to keep candidates engaged during the Interview Process

Avoid Red Flags

During the interview process, job candidates are likely to be on the lookout for any possible reg flags. So it is your responsibility to avoid anything that can turn candidates off. 

Red flags can be things like vague job descriptions, high turnover rates, being unprepared during interviews, not asking relevant questions, poor work-life balance,  and being disrespectful to the candidates by ghosting unsuccessful applicants. It is also crucial to avoid making assumptions about the candidate based on their appearance or background.

Make Candidates Excited about Working for you.

It’s imperative to make candidates excited about working for you. It is not just about offering a good salary and benefits packages. You must sell them on your company’s vision, mission, values and culture. So here are some ways you can make candidates excited about working for you:

  • Share the purpose of the company’s mission with the candidates and explain how their roles would contribute to achieving that mission. The candidate will be more excited about their work if they know what impact they will have on the company.
  • Highlight the growth opportunities at the company. This will let candidates know that you are willing to invest in them.
  • Show off your company’s culture through social media. Candidates want to know what it will be like to work for your company.

Making candidates excited about working for you will attract top talent and keep candidates engaged during the interview process

Streamline the Interview Process.

The interview process can be time-consuming and daunting for both candidates and recruiters. Streamlining the interview process by using Wamly can make the process more efficient for everyone involved. 

Warmly’s one-way video interview software allows companies to conduct remote video interviews with candidates. The candidates record their responses to a set of predetermined questions by the company using a webcam or mobile device camera. All the hiring managers involved in the hiring process then review the recorded video at their convenience and assesses the candidate’s answers. This eliminates scheduling conflicts and the need to travel. 

Wamly’s One-way video interview software is designed to simplify and streamline the interview process while also allowing companies to identify the best candidates for the job more efficiently and cost-effectively

Demo Wamly's one way interview software

Provide Candidates with a Hiring Timeline.

By providing candidates with a clear and realistic timeline for the hiring process, they are more likely to remain interested and engaged. This can help candidates plan their schedules, manage their expectations, and reduce their anxiety about the process. 

This approach also shows that the hiring process has been thoroughly planned. If there are any delays, it is a good idea to make them aware of changes as soon as possible and this will show them that you value their time. 

Having a hiring timeline can be especially helpful to those applicants who are employed full-time. Here is a great guide on how to develop a hiring timeline

Responding Quickly and Keeping in Touch With the Candidates

One of the biggest mistakes that hiring managers make is not responding to candidates promptly. Effective communication is essential for establishing strong professional relationships with potential candidates. 

Generally, candidates spend time researching the company and preparing for the interview,  being prompt and responsive when answering inquiries about the hiring process demonstrates your genuine interest in the candidate’s success and the support you can offer them. It is crucial to keep in touch with them throughout the process, give them regular updates, and make them feel that you value their time and effort.

By delaying your responses, you may lose candidates who are also considering other companies since it can give them the impression that you are no longer interested in them.

How To Best Keep Candidates Engaged During The Interview Process: 7 Ways

Provide them with feedback

After the interview process, it is imperative to provide candidates with feedback, regardless of whether they are moving forward or not. This can help them improve their interview skills, understand the company’s expectations and make them feel valued as a candidate.

At the same time allow the candidate to provide constructive feedback on the interview process. This feedback can then be used to enhance your recruitment process. Candidates often share their experiences with others, so actively seeking feedback and incorporating it into your recruitment process can help you in the long run.


How to keep candidates engaged during the interview process doesn’t have to be one of the biggest challenges hiring managers have.