• Companies are using one-way video interview software such as Wamly to speed up their hiring process and improve the interviewing experience for candidates.
  • In a one-way video interview, candidates are mailed a link to complete a recorded interview where questions are prompted – without the panel being present.
  • To complete a great one-way video interview, ensure that you complete it in a comfortable environment and that you’re dressed professionally, among others.
  •  8 ways to do a great one-way video interview

More and more companies have started making use of one-way video interview software such as Wamly’s to speed up their hiring process and create a better interviewing experience for candidates.

One-way video interviews allow an organisation to send a candidate a link where they will then be able to complete a recorded interview, with questions being prompted in a limited time period and without an interview panel being present.

A typical one-way video interview has five to eight questions, with 30 seconds to 1 minute to respond to each question.

Once completed, the organisation will be alerted that the candidate completed the interview, and the interview panel will then be able to rate and review it in their own time, when most convenient. Here are 8 ways to do a great one-way video interview.

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8 Ways to Do a Great one-way video interview

1. Test out the software 

One of the best tips to feel comfortable when doing one-way video interviews is to test out the software. One-way interview software provider Wamly allows candidates to complete a practice question before they start an interview and also provides candidates with a guide on how to complete an interview.

2. Have the right environment 

Even though a one-way video interview can be completed from anywhere, the environment remains important. Ensure that you have a plain background, that your face receives good lighting, and that you have the correct camera angle. You also want to complete the interview in a quiet setting where there aren’t any distractions. It’s not only about making a good impression, it is also about feeling comfortable in the interview.

3. Test out the hardware 

Ensure that you are using a high-quality device with a good microphone and camera. It’s a good idea to rehearse before the interview by recording yourself separately from the interview and playing it back to yourself to see if you should change your tone or tempo. You can also ask a family friend or colleague to review one of your recorded interviews to gain tips from them.

4. Dress for success 

As you would for any traditional interview, make sure that you are dressed professionally for the interview. If you are applying at a bank, and it is custom to wear a tie there, wear one. Make sure there are no wrinkles or stains on your shirt, and that your hair looks professional.

8 Ways to do a great one-way video interview

5. Make use of the pause between questions 

One-way interview software provider Wamly allows candidates to pause between questions once the interview has started. Therefore, if you completed a question and feel like you need a break to take a sip of water or go to the bathroom – use it.

6. Be authentic 

The number one secret of any interview is to be yourself, and it is no different with one-way video interviews. If you would have laughed or smiled during a traditional interview, do it during the one-way video interview. Make sure that the interview panel gains an idea of who you are as a person.

7. Use the correct body language 

As you would’ve done during a traditional interview, make sure that you are using the correct body language. Stare directly into the camera, do not do anything with your hands that might be distracting and do not fidget.

8. Say thank you

After you’ve completed the last question and before you end the interview, remember to thank the interview panel and organisation for their time, and let them know that you look forward to hearing from them. It leaves a good impression.

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Now that you know the 8 Ways to do a great one-way video interview you are ready to crush your first one-way video interview.

Visit Wamly’s website at www.wamly.io to find out more, or to register for a free account.

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