In May of 2023, Derivco, a prominent software development company in the iGaming industry, started using Wamly for their Graduate Programme Recruitment needs. Derivco has always been committed to innovation and they needed their graduate recruitment process to be as forward-thinking and tech-savvy as they were.

Since they had such major success with implementing Wamly, we decided to work closely with Jonell Gomes, who oversees Derivco’s national and international graduate programmes, on this case study. We dive deep into the origins and goals of their graduate programme, the challenges in attracting top talent, and how Wamly’s one-way video interviews have transformed their graduate recruitment process.

Background on Derivco and its Graduate programme

Who is Jonell Gomes

Jonell Gomes Graduate and Young Talent Recruitment and Development Specialist at Derivco

Jonell Gomes has been working at Derivco for eight years and as their Graduate Programme Specialist she is extremely passionate about people and has a strong commitment to diversity and inclusion, she excels in connecting individuals with their ideal roles.

More about Derivco and its Graduate Programme?

Derivco, a South African startup turned international software development powerhouse, specialises in creating software solutions for the iGaming industry. With offices in major cities like Cape Town, Pretoria, Malaga, and Gold Coast, Derivco consistently pushes the boundaries of technology and talent.

Over the years, the company has recognised the increasing difficulty in sourcing the right technical talent in the market. This realisation led to the establishment of a comprehensive graduate programme aimed at identifying and nurturing exceptional young talent.

The graduate programme is designed to build skills from within, ensuring that the technical capabilities needed by Derivco are developed internally. This approach minimises the reliance on external hiring, which can often be inconsistent and costly. The programme is not just about recruitment but encompasses the entire journey from attracting talent to promoting graduates to junior levels within the organisation.

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Challenges in Graduate Recruitment

Recruiting for graduate programmes at Derivco was a demanding task, especially given the volume of applications received each year. For instance, Jonell’s team dealt with no fewer than 800 in one cycle. 

The traditional manual process of sifting through these applications was not only time-consuming but also prone to errors and inefficiencies, and it did not allow them to connect with candidates on the personal level they desired. This created a frustrating experience for both the graduate recruitment team and the candidates, who had to navigate through multiple systems, steps, and emails.

Adopting Wamly’s One-Way Video Interviews

Derivco needed a more efficient and candidate-friendly graduate recruitment solution, so they adopted Wamly’s one-way video interviews. Our software streamlined their process, allowing them to quickly and accurately handle a large volume of applications. With Wamly, what used to take weeks now only takes a few days.

Improving Candidate Experience

One of the core values in the Derivco graduate programme team is providing an excellent candidate experience. The adoption of Wamly was driven by this value. The software allowed candidates to present themselves as more than just a CV, providing a personal touch to the graduate recruitment process. Candidates could showcase their personalities and skills in a less pressured environment, as they were not immediately faced with multiple interviewers.

Wamly also enabled Derivco to include a branded introductory video in the interview process. This video helped candidates get a sense of what it’s like to be a graduate at Derivco, thus enhancing their engagement and interest in the company. Feedback from candidates indicated that this feature significantly improved their perception of the graduate recruitment process, making them feel more connected and valued.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Jonell, who is particularly passionate about data, emphasised the importance of data-driven decision-making in the graduate recruitment process. Wamly’s platform provided comprehensive data on each candidate, allowing the team to better analyse and understand the talent pool. This data included information on where candidates were dropping off in the process, which demographics needed more focus, and which universities were providing the best talent.

By having all this data in one place, Derivco could make informed decisions about their graduate recruitment process strategy. It also allowed them to continually improve their graduate programme by understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each graduate recruitment process cycle.

Streamlining the Interview Process

The one-way video interviews also significantly streamlined their interview process. Jonell’s team could filter candidates based on preset criteria, ensuring that only those who met the minimum requirements moved forward. This filtering system saved time and allowed the team to focus on getting to know the candidates better.

The detailed data profiles created during the initial screening meant that by the time candidates reached the interview stage, the graduate recruitment team already had a thorough understanding of their backgrounds and skills. This enabled deeper, more meaningful interviews that went beyond the basics and focused on the candidates’ potential and fit within Derivco.

The Impact of Wamly on Derivco’s Graduate programmes

The integration of Wamly into Derivco’s graduate recruitment process brought about several positive changes. Firstly, it drastically reduced the time spent on manual tasks, allowing the team to focus on more strategic activities. The improved candidate experience led to higher engagement and a better perception of Derivco as an employer.

Additionally, the quality of hires improved. With a more streamlined and data-driven process, the team could identify the best candidates more effectively. This was evident in the fact that candidates with multiple job offers chose Derivco, which is a true reflection of the incredible connections they built with the team during the graduate recruitment process. 

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Advice for Companies Considering One-Way Video Interviews

Jonell Gomes, with her extensive experience in running Derivco’s graduate programmes, offers valuable advice for companies contemplating the adoption of one-way video interviews. According to Jonell, the key to successfully integrating such a system lies in several critical steps.

1. Appoint a Champion

First and foremost, Jonell emphasises the importance of having an internal champion for the one-way video interview system. This person should have a deep understanding of both the platform and the company’s recruitment process to fully leverage the system’s capabilities. A knowledgeable champion can customise the platform to specific recruitment needs and ensure its smooth integration into current workflows.

2. Define Clear Objectives

It’s crucial to have a clear understanding of what information you need from candidates to make informed decisions. Jonell advises companies to define their recruitment objectives and align them with the questions and data collected through the video interview platform. By doing so, companies can ensure that each step of the process adds value and aids in selecting the best candidates.

3. Leverage Data-Driven Insights

Jonell highlights the power of data in recruitment. By using a platform like Wamly, companies can gather comprehensive data on candidates, enabling more informed and fair decision-making. This data can also help in refining recruitment strategies and improving future hiring processes.

4. Focus on Candidate Experience

A positive candidate experience is paramount. Jonell recommends ensuring that the video interview process is user-friendly and engaging. Providing clear instructions and making the process as seamless as possible can enhance candidates’ perceptions of the company and increase their enthusiasm for the role.

5. Utilise Form Questions Effectively

Lastly, Jonell emphasises the importance of well-structured form questions. These questions should be designed to collect relevant data that aligns with your recruitment goals. Properly crafted form questions can streamline the screening process and help identify the best candidates quickly.

By following these guidelines, companies can effectively implement one-way video interviews and transform their recruitment processes, much like Derivco did with their graduate programme.

To download the advice from Jonell as an infographic click here.

Derivco’s adoption of Wamly’s one-way video interviews revolutionised their graduate recruitment process. Jonell’s emphasis on candidate experience and data-driven decision-making, combined with Wamly’s innovative platform, resulted in a more efficient and effective recruitment strategy. The case of Derivco demonstrates how technology can be leveraged to enhance recruitment processes, ensuring that companies not only attract but also retain the best talent in the market.