If you’re a business owner, manager, or HR professional, you’ve probably developed an interview style that helps you gather the necessary information when interviewing candidates. However, when using video interview software like Wamly, things work a bit differently.

Wamly provides a one-way interface where recruiters prepare a set of standard questions and invite candidates to submit a video interview. This unique approach allows you to maximise applicant potential using video interview software. Although this eliminates the chance to ask follow-up questions immediately, it’s an excellent method for going through numerous applications in the initial stages of the hiring process.

By leveraging Wamly’s video interview software, you can efficiently assess a large pool of candidates while saving valuable time. The platform enables you to review each applicant’s responses and evaluate their qualifications based on their video presentations. This streamlined process ensures a fair and consistent evaluation, allowing you to identify top candidates who stand out from the rest.

Once you’ve identified standout applicants using Wamly’s video interview software, you can then proceed to ask them additional questions or invite them for an in-person interview. This personalised approach further enhances the hiring process, ensuring that you make well-informed decisions based on a comprehensive assessment of each candidate’s potential.

Video interview software, such as Wamly, offers several advantages for the hiring process. It allows you to gain insights into candidates’ communication skills, presentation abilities, and professionalism before meeting them in person. Additionally, it eliminates geographical constraints, enabling you to consider candidates from different locations without the need for extensive travel arrangements.

However, if you’re new to using video interview software like Wamly, there are a few key considerations to keep in mind. These tips will help you maximise the potential of applicants using video interview software, ensuring that you make the most informed decisions during the hiring process.

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Benefits of Wamly's interview software

How to maximise applicant potential using video interview software?

1. Preparing your questions with video interview software

When preparing your questions, it’s beneficial to include a combination of technical and culture-related inquiries to maximize applicant potential using video interview software. This approach allows you to evaluate a candidate’s knowledge and gauge how well they align with your company’s culture.

Video interview software, specifically designed to enhance the hiring process, offers the advantage of setting time limits for each question. This feature puts applicants “on the spot,” testing their ability to provide concise answers instead of rambling on indefinitely. By incorporating video interview software, you ensure that the applicant personally answers without the opportunity to consult a friend or expert for the response. This further enhances the evaluation process and help to maximise applicant potential using video interview.

2. Be sure to avoid bias

Video interviews offer advantages for applicants as they can choose a convenient time and location, such as their own home, for the interview. However, it requires extra effort from applicants to engage with the interviewers since there are no human cues to gauge their reception. Some candidates may find video interviews more natural, while others might feel intimidated by the absence of face-to-face interaction.

As a recruiter, it’s important to consider these factors and evaluate them based on the specific job role. For instance, a salesperson needs to demonstrate confidence and enthusiasm, while an IT technician’s role may prioritise accurate answers aligned with current trends over their presentation skills.

maximise applicant potential using video interview

3. Adding the human touch

To fully maximise applicant potential using video interview software, it is essential to recognise the significance of the video interview as a valuable initial reference and a fast-paced means of screening candidates. Nevertheless, it is crucial to bear in mind that the interviewing experience is a two-way process. In order to maintain a human touch, it is important to craft questions that actively engage candidates and offer them a glimpse into your company culture.

In addition, it is vital to establish and nurture a connection with applicants throughout the interview process. One effective way to achieve this is by sending personalised emails to keep them well-informed about their progress. By providing regular updates, you not only demonstrate your organisation’s commitment to transparency but also make applicants feel valued and engaged in the process. This personalised approach serves to foster a positive candidate experience and further enhance their potential for success.

Wamly offers a convenient way to store interview recordings and notes about candidates. This feature allows you to keep track of promising candidates, making it easier to reach out to them if future opportunities arise.

With Wamly’s quick and efficient candidate sorting, you have the power to consistently hire the most suitable person for the job, ensuring the best outcomes every time!

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