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How HR video interview software improves the hiring experience for candidates

By 28 Jun 2022Hiring tips2 min read
  • Potential candidates for companies have grown to be consumers as they are often buying the very product a company aims to sell. 
  • This means that the hiring process should be highly personal and as enjoyable as possible. 
  • With HR video interview software such as Wamly, companies are able to personalise the hiring experience as well as include corporate colours and logos. 

With the growth of social media and the importance of brand building, candidates have also become consumers, creating complexity for the hiring process for organisations.

They have often been found to be buyers of the very product a company is aiming to sell, and it is, therefore, essential to treat candidates as consumers.

This means ensuring that the hiring process is highly personal and as enjoyable as possible.

Technologies such as HR video interview software are ideal to improve the hiring experience both for the candidate and for the hiring company.

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A Harvard Business Review study found that where employees have a connection to the company and loyalty to the brand, they are more motivated to work harder and go above and beyond what is expected.

The opposite is also true: where an employee has low loyalty towards a company, they often undermine the expectations set by managers, may be more willing to break the rules, and even sabotage the objectives set to be achieved.

Furthermore, while a number of companies have attempted to market to employees internally, this is often done by people who do not have the skills to communicate effectively – such as HR professionals – which results in poor outcomes.

HR video interview software, through a provider such as Wamly, aims to address the issues by providing a quick and easy way for candidates to be interviewed while saving companies as much as 80% of the time they would have spent on interviews.

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One-way video interviews allow for a candidate to record their interview during a limited time frame with a list of pre-set of questions and then send it back to the company to review in their own time.

Companies are also able to brand the entire hiring experience with company logos and colours, as well as include promotional material and introduction videos.

Gallup Poll found that companies where employees feel involved and appreciated see a 23% increase in profitability, an 81% reduction in absenteeism, and an 18% increase in sales.

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