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Emotional support in the workplace

By 8 Mar 2022Mental Health3 min read

The world is going some rough stuff at the moment. It feels like it’s just one year after the next, no breaks from the “new normal”.

In times like these our teams require extra support and understanding, some extra space to express where their heads are at before jumping back into the grind. Everyone is feeling it.

These times have been tough on our teams, and our leaders. Leaders are asked to step up and support in ways they have not been required to before, which means our leaders are needing support too.

How do we navigate this all within the workspace while still remaining productive and present to the business goals?

1. Make it part of your day

If you have a team stand-up in the mornings, make sure to start it off with allowing people to bring where they are at to the floor. Here at Wamly we start out with, ‘one word to describe how you are feeling.’ It sounds so simple, but what it does is really give permission to everyone to land into the work space, whether online or in person, and become present to where they are at. Any feelings are welcomed. And nothing needs to be solved.

I find that often just becoming present to a feeling and saying it out loud, allows that feeling space to move and I feel better already. There is also power in having your feelings being witnessed by others, being seen and heard is calming for the emotional brain.

2. Teach emotional sovereignty

Leaders are often seeking and engaging in professional coaching, masterclasses, and empowering their own growth and emotional sovereignty. It’s important to allow the skills and knowledge you’ve acquired to filter down to your team, so they can learn to rise with you, and similarly, if you know your team leader has valuable insight to share, ask for some guidance and that perhaps they give a 15 minute talk, or share an email with their latest discoveries to share any new skills they’ve learnt that the team could benefit from.

3. Internal surveys

These can be very powerful. Once a month we send a survey out to our team with a standard set of questions to make sure we are allowing everyone a space to be heard and understood. Here is our list, feel free to use / adjust for your own team:

  • Do you feel that you have a clear understanding of where we are and where we plan to go as a company?
  • Do you think we are true to our values and living it?
  • Is there clarity for yourself in terms of what you need to do and achieve and do you understand what is expected from you personally?
  • If there’s one thing you could change here, what would it be?
  • What’s been your own personal highlight over the last month at work?
  • Would you like a check-in call this month?
  • Anything else you’d like to share with us?

Once we receive all the replies, we make the effort to address any concerns that are hindering our team from giving their best and achieving their goals.

All these ideas take very little time to implement, but the impact over the longterm will most definitely be felt and help towards creating a positive and supportive company culture.

Francois de Wet

Ever heard of an Industrial Psychologist? Well now you have! Francois de Wet is the founder of Wamly, talent expert and former coach to many high profile corporates and CEO's. Fran is super passionate about recruitment and believes people are the heartbeat of every business. Read our founding story.