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Welcome to the Wamly Famly!

We’ve put together this Getting Started Guide to help you navigate the Wamly system and get you on your way to hiring better people faster.

Should you require any further assistance, please feel free to reach out to our support team at anytime on support@wamly.io and we’ll be happy to assist you further.

Step 1: Create password and login

Upon sign up, we sent you an email to complete your registration and set up a password. If you haven’t done this yet, please click the link provided in the email and do so.

If you’ve already created your password, you can log in here.

Step 2: Add users to your organisation (paid feature)

One of our most useful features is that you can invite your entire team to take part in the video interview process – to manage projects, view interviews, rate candidates and much more.

If you don’t have any team members to add or are using our free account, then skip this step.

If you do, watch this video to understand what roles you are able to assign and get an overview of how our users feature works.

Step 3: Create a project (job position / vacancy)

A project is the job position or vacancy you are looking to fill.

When adding a new project, you will be required to set up certain parameters, interview questions and also add your raters (the users you just created).

If you already have a shortlist of candidates, then you can invite them at this stage and they will receive a unique link that only they can access to complete their video interview.

Don’t have candidates yet? Then simply create your project and the system will generate a link that you can share on job portals or on your social media.

Here is a video to get more details on how to create a project and the various features.

Step 4: View completed video interviews

Once you’ve sent out invitations to candidates, you will start to see their video interviews coming in. If not yet, then you can always do your own to see how the rest of this process works.

Viewing interviews submitted by your candidates is what one-way video interviews are all about.

You get to decide when you want to view these and where you’d like to do so!

Watch this video to learn all about watching your candidates one-way video interviews.

Step 5: Getting the most out of Wamly

Wamly offers some powerful solutions to help you optimise your hiring process and create your ideal workflow with our more advanced features.

For a detailed tour of these features, feel free to watch our entire training series as well as featured use-cases.

You made it to the end of your Wamly training!

Sending you all the good vibes to attract the talent you need to build a team you can trust, and remember our support desk is just an email away.

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