• HR video interview software allows companies to interview several candidates without being present. 
  • A candidate would be sent a link, complete the interview, and a recording will be sent to the interview panel, who will be able to review it in their own time. 
  • The software has saved businesses hours in time, cutting down the time spent on hiring from 3 months to 2 weeks. 

What is HR video interview software – and why do major companies use it

HR video interview software such as Wamly allows candidates to record their interviews and then send them back to the company to review their own time.

It allows companies to facilitate the entire interview process without being physically present, thereby saving them precious time. And it removes the need for a panel to all be physically or remotely present simultaneously.

The typical process for Wamly’s HR video interview software involves the HR team creating a digital interview guide with a set of questions and an allocated time limit for each question using the software.

A link is then sent to potential candidates who complete a recorded video interview without the HR team being present.

The HR team or panel can then review the recorded video interview in their own time when it is convenient and independently from each other. And the highest-rated candidate is hired or invited for a face-to-face interview.

A typical Wamly interview lasts between five and 15 minutes, compared to the hour a panel would typically have spent interviewing candidates out of courtesy.

During HR video interviews, it is up to the company’s discretion how many questions they would like to ask and how long they would allow a candidate to answer a question.

But, the typical one-way video interview has five to eight questions, with 30 seconds to one minute to respond to each question.

Wamly’s HR video interview software has been found to help companies cut down the time spent on hiring from 3 months to two weeks.

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