Companies worldwide invest an average of four months in making a single hire. The conventional process involves job ads, CV sifting, and interviews. However, revolutionary recruitment software, like video recruitment tools, has been found to save up to 80% of interview time. So let’s truly dive into how long does it truly take to hire someone and how one-way video interview software can decrease your tie to hire.

How long does it truly take to hire someone?

The hiring process is a critical aspect for any company, but it has been widely acknowledged as one of the most time-consuming procedures. Reports indicate that some companies spend as much as four months just to make a single hire, according to the 2020 Human Capital Benchmarking Report. On a global average, companies invest approximately 42 days to hire an individual.

Research conducted by LinkedIn sheds further light on the timeframes of hiring. Around 30% of companies are efficient in their hiring, taking less than a month to complete the process. Meanwhile, 50% of companies dedicate one to two months to finding the right candidate, and about 17% extend the timeline to three to four months.

The traditional hiring process involves placing advertisements on various platforms like newspapers and social networking applications. Subsequently, HR teams face the daunting task of sifting through countless CVs to shortlist candidates. A handful of top candidates, usually five to eight, are then contacted for interviews. Finally, the hiring decision is made, with the leading candidate emerging as the chosen one.

Unfortunately, this process often results in unsatisfactory outcomes. One of the main pitfalls is the use of unstructured interview questions, which tend to favour candidates who are eloquent speakers and exude high charisma, rather than those with the best qualifications and fit for the role.

To improve the hiring process and ensure better outcomes, companies should consider adopting more streamlined methods, utilising structured interviews with standardised questions that focus on assessing the candidate’s skills, qualifications, and alignment with the company culture. This approach will not only save time but also increase the chances of finding the most suitable candidate for the job.

So now that the question ‘How long does it truly take to hire someone?’ have been answered I’m sure you are wondering how you can decrease your time to hire

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How to hire more quickly using recruitment software such as one-way video interviews 

Revolutionise your hiring process with cutting-edge one-way video recruitment software like Wamly, proven to enhance hiring efficiency for countless global companies.By harnessing this innovative software, companies have achieved remarkable results, streamlining their hiring process by up to 80%. What previously took 3 months to complete can now be accomplished in just 2 weeks.

Discover the benefits of one-way interview software, empowering candidates to engage with the interview process through a personalised link within a specific timeframe.Upon completing their one-way video interview, candidates’ responses are instantly available for the company’s review and assessment at their convenience.

Embrace the power of one-way video interview software, enabling you to effortlessly evaluate up to 30 candidates’ interviews within the same time frame as a single face-to-face interview.

How long does it truly take to hire someone? 2

Wamly is an innovative and cutting-edge one-way video recruitment software that is transforming the way companies conduct their hiring processes. Designed to streamline and expedite the recruitment journey, Wamly empowers organisations to identify the best talent swiftly and efficiently.

With Wamly, the traditional interview process is revolutionised, as candidates are presented with a unique link to participate in a one-way video interview within a specified time frame. This approach eliminates the need for scheduling back-and-forth interviews, saving valuable time for both candidates and hiring teams.

Once the candidates complete their video interviews, Wamly’s intuitive platform enables hiring managers to assess and rate the responses at their convenience. This flexibility grants employers the freedom to evaluate candidates without being constrained by fixed interview schedules.

Through its user-friendly interface and robust capabilities, Wamly allows companies to review up to 30 candidates’ video interviews within the same time frame it would typically take to conduct a single face-to-face interview. As a result, the hiring process becomes significantly faster and more efficient, ultimately leading to better talent acquisition outcomes for businesses worldwide.

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