Innovative Brands Are Using Video Interviews to Hire. WeBuyCars and Momentum Metropolitan have adopted Wamly’s one-way video interviews as a powerful tool to enhance their hiring process significantly. With this innovative software, candidates have the convenience of completing video interviews without the immediate presence of the hiring panel, granting them more flexibility. The companies then review these videos at their convenience, allowing them to streamline the hiring process and save valuable time. In fact, the implementation of this technology has demonstrated the potential to reduce hiring time by up to 80%, ensuring they can find and select the best candidates more efficiently and expediently.

Why SA’s Most Innovative Brands Are Using Video Interviews to Hire

In South Africa, progressive companies like WeBuyCars, a prominent platform for pre-owned car sales, and the financial services group Momentum Metropolitan, have adopted Wamly’s cutting-edge one-way video interviews to streamline and expedite their hiring process.

Wamly’s platform allows companies to send applicants a link for a one-way video interview without the need for the entire hiring panel to be present. This convenient feature enables companies to review the interviews at their own pace, leading to the possibility of assessing up to 30 interviews in an hour and potentially reducing the hiring time by as much as 80%.

According to Rikus Blomerus, the General Manager for Marketing and HR at WeBuyCars, Wamly’s software has been a game-changer, enabling them to identify and hire candidates they might have overlooked using traditional CVs. Blomerus emphasizes that CVs often fail to convey a person’s true potential, stating, ‘I don’t believe a CV truly reveals the candidate’s story. With Wamly interviews, we gain a genuine sense of the person, leaving us with a first impression even before the face-to-face meeting.’

How one-way video interviews have helped Momentum hire fasterWhy SA's Most Innovative Brands Are Using Video Interviews 2

Blomerus further explains that for many positions, such as sales roles, technical skills can be taught, making cultural fit and personality crucial factors in the hiring decision.

WeBuyCars has experienced remarkable growth in recent years, exemplified by its acquisition of The Dome in Randburg, Johannesburg, which was transformed into a sprawling “super showroom” with a capacity for 1000 vehicles. To support this expansion, the company rapidly increased its workforce from 1000 to 2000 employees within just two years.

At WeBuyCars, all applicants are required to complete a one-way video interview as an initial step before being considered for face-to-face interviews. Blomerus praises Wamly for helping them efficiently sift through candidates and ultimately ‘hire the right people.’

Blomerus points out that Wamly is invaluable to their interview process, especially when involving senior management. To appoint 100 people, they might have previously conducted around 800 interviews, making the process incredibly time-consuming. However, with Wamly’s assistance, they can quickly get a first impression of candidates without the need for full hour-long interviews.

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