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Zoom vs one-way video interview software

By 26 Feb 2021Jan 14th, 2022Benefits & Features3 min read

Zoom vs one-way video interview software

Comparing Zoom vs video interview software that’s one-way?

The arrival of a global pandemic (you know the one I mean) came with a number of unexpected problems and the need to solve them in record time. Those who are still in business today are the ones who rose to the challenges, rolled with the punches and found better ways to work. 

In some respects, it was the kick-start we needed. Remote working, fewer unnecessary meetings, more control over how our time is spent and applications that allow easy collaboration are just a few of the unexpectedly relevant benefits we were forced to adopt, and many of these spit-and-stickytape solutions will stay with us long after the masks have come off. Because they are just… well, logical.

But, in other cases, the changes we were forced to make weren’t revolutionary enough. Some of them are the same old problems, in a shinier box.

Take one of the most important functions of Human Resources, for instance – recruiting (which is, in fact, the entire point of this piece). In the ‘good ‘ol days’, interviews with new potential recruits were tricky to schedule, took up hours of time (even when we knew the candidate wrong for the position) and were done without the insights of the manager, who would inevitably be responsible for this bright young thing, taken into consideration. Necessary, yes – but unnecessarily painful.

Post-2020, how much has really changed? Remotely interviewing new candidates using Zoom, Teams, Hangouts or WhatsApp calls hasn’t solved the fundamental problems in the process – it just means we don’t have to give them a biscuit with their coffee. So how does Zoom vs video interview software really compare?

The biggest problem with interviews are time, efficiency and collaboration, not geographic distance (nor biscuits).

This is why we created Wamly. Not to rival the video-calling software of the day, but to make them obsolete for recruiters.

Wamly is a platform that allows interviewers and interviewees to connect when it suits each of them individually. The HR team sets the questions and scenarios, which can then be completed whenever the hopeful applicant is ready. So, if you’re one of the lucky few who get to decide on an individual’s future, you can review as many different applications as you want, when you want (feet up and wine in hand, if that is your thing) and as soon as you know the person just isn’t what you’re looking for? Skip. Next.

Because it’s asynchronous, you can get the opinions of line managers and other raters as easily as you get feedback on Facebook posts, no matter what their dairies look like.

This means you can screen more applicants in less time than (literally) ever before, and make more informed decisions quicker, making sure the ‘one who almost got away’ didn’t.

It’s all about building a better work family – your wamly. To hire better people faster, we need better solutions.

Change is good. Change that makes life exponentially easier is better. And changes that make us better – well, those are best.

Soft-selling-via-blog-posts aside, we highly recommend that you take a hard look at the other elements in your life (work or otherwise). Be honest about which of them need a tweak, and which need an overhaul. This future is a pretty exciting place when we learn to solve old problems in new ways – that’s innovation, baby!

What’s your opinion: Zoom vs video interview software – what do you prefer?

Francois de Wet

Ever heard of an Industrial Psychologist? Well now you have! Francois de Wet is the founder of Wamly, talent expert and former coach to many high profile corporates and CEO's. Fran is super passionate about recruitment and believes people are the heartbeat of every business. Read our founding story.